Cala Codolar, Formentera

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Quick information about this cove:

Attention, the cove is difficult to access on foot. Take extreme precautions

  • Length: 10m
  • Amplitude: 2m
  • Orientation: Southeast
  • Type: Sand/Rock
  • Nudism: Frequent
  • Posidonia: Not removed
  • Occupation: Nil

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There are none


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Codolar Cove, Formentera

The cove known as Cala Codolar is a very narrow, small and very difficult to access cove located on the south side of the cliffs of La Mola. If you are adventurous and want to see areas of Formentera that very few people or almost no one has ever visited, this cove may be of interest to you.

Description of Codolar Cove

The cove known as Cala Codolar is a very small cove located on the south side of the cliffs of El Pilar de la Mola. In this cove we can find two small wharf huts for fishermen and a small cave built by hand by fishermen to protect fishing gear and other tools.

Asyou can guess, posidonia accumulates very abundantly in this cove and of course it is not removed.

How to get to Codolar Cove

To access the Codolar Cove we must first find the access to it at the top of the southern cliffs of the Mola. To do so, you must head towards the Faro de la Mola lighthouse and about 600 meters before reaching it turn right onto a dirt road.

At the end of the trail, when you reach the stone wall, you must leave your bike or vehicle and continue on foot towards the south. The access to start the descent down the cliff is in the middle of a small pine forest.

Before you decide to access this cove we must warn you of two things:

  1. To reach the cove you must descend the cliff through a narrow path, without maintenance and in its final stretch with many loose stones. If you have vertigo, don’t like hiking, don’t feel agile and strong and/or are not in good physical shape, maybe it’s not a good idea to try it. If you decide to go down to Cala Codolar, do so at your own risk. It is mandatory to wear good trekking shoes (do not use sandals in any case).
  2. The correct access to the cliff to start the descent is difficult to find, so the first time you go you may not find the area to go down, and it may be necessary to go for a second attempt. You can park at the Faro de la Mola lighthouse and walk southwest (it will take you longer) or go directly to the place we have indicated above.

Totally isolated cove

Given the difficult access to reach Cala Codolar, this is an area of Formentera where there is never anyone. That is why it is the perfect place to spend a day of total solitude and be in contact with nature. If you practice nudism you will be able to be without clothes all day with no one around you.

At most, a boat may anchor in front of the cove for a few hours, but that’s all.

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