Es Pujols Beach

Beach in the area of Es Pujols
Es Pujols beach, Formentera

Quick info:

Quick information about this beach:

  • Length: 500m
  • Amplitude: 15m
  • Orientation: Northeast
  • Type: Sand/Urban
  • Nudism: Not Frequent
  • Posidonia: Yes, it is removed
  • Occupancy: Very High

Services available:

  • SOS Post
  • Hammock rental
  • Rental of umbrellas
  • SUP rental
  • Kayak Rental

Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:


Es Pujols beach, Formentera

The beach of Es Pujols is undoubtedly one of the busiest in Formentera. The majority of the public is Italian. The beach has a small promenade and many dining options.

Description of Es Pujols beach

First of all we must point out that the bay of Es Pujols is actually three small beaches, and the one in front of the municipal area is the easternmost of the three. The bay of Es Pujols is the only one of all the beaches of Formentera that is located in an urban area.

What characterizes this bay is that it is naturally protected by several reefs, the reefs of Es Polp, La Placita and the islands of Fonoll Marí and s’Aigua Dolça, as well as shallow submerged reefs. This makes the waters of the bay very protected from storms and waves, and even on windy days the waters will be calm.

For this reason, fishermen took advantage of the natural protection of the bay to build several huts for the boats in Es Pujols that allowed them to shelter their boats without fear of being swept away by a storm. These boat huts are a classic image of Es Pujols and one of its most photographed images.

Es Pujols North

The north beach of Es Pujols is oriented to the east, also known as “Platja de Roca Bella”, named after the hotel establishment that was installed there in the 1950s (and is still open). You can access by car almost to the beach if you go to the Rocabella Hotel.

To do this we must go towards the main road, head towards La Savina and follow the dirt road just outside the town of Es Pujols. Before arriving at the hotel we will find two parking areas for cars. We can also reach this area walking just 3 or 4 minutes from the Platja de Ses Canyes, or after a 5 minute walk from the center of Es Pujols.

Es Pujols Central

The central beach of Es Pujols is the largest of the 3 beaches that form the bay of Es Pujols. It is located under a small elevated promenade with several restaurants and shops.

This is the part of the beach that is already in the town of Es Pujols. The beach as such arrives until a rocky zone where we can contemplate in the first line of coast a dozen of jetties and beached houses typical formenterenses.

Es Pujols East

It is the easternmost beach of the bay of Es Pujols, and part of it is located in front of the promenade of the small town center of Es Pujols. In the afternoon, this promenade becomes a very busy spot, since the small Es Pujols flea market is set up there, where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts from the island. This beach is only 100 meters long.

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