Es Trucadors (North Illetas)

Virgin Beaches area north of Illetas
Es Trucadors beach, Formentera

Quick info:

Quick information about this beach:

  • Length: 1,300m
  • Breadth: 70-120m
  • Orientation: East-West
  • Type: Sand and Rock
  • Nudism: Frequent
  • Posidonia: Is not removed
  • Occupancy: Medium/High

Services available:

  • None

Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:

There are none, the closest is in Illetas:

  • Restaurant Es Ministre


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Es Trucadors beach (North zone of Illetas)

Es Trucadors beach is the northern tip of Illetas. This entire area, up to the Espalmador pass, can only be accessed on foot. In this area there are several different bathing areas.

Description of Es Trucadors

North from the beaches of Illetas and Levante there are several other beaches that can be reached on foot from the parking lot of the Es Ministre Restaurant.

Although there are many corners with sand where you can spread out your towel, we can consider 6 places as beaches as such, although we cannot refer to them with a name because they do not have one:

  • The first and longest of these beaches (about 100 meters) is located just behind the first hill, a 5-minute walk from the last parking lot.
  • The last of these five is about 700 meters away.

Walking along the sand and rocks your pace will be slow but you will reach this last beach in about 15 to 20 minutes. After this point the peninsula is 100% rocky and there are no more bathing areas. If you want to continue walking to the end of the peninsula of Illetas (Es Trucadors peninsula) calculate about 40 minutes.

Unspoiled area with no services

From the last beach to the end of the narrow peninsula, where the beach of Punta de Es Borronar is located (known as the Espalmador or n’Adolf pass) the isthmus is mostly rocky. Sometimes, winter storms manage to break the isthmus of this area of the island causing the two sides to communicate, so that if you want to move forward you must wade through a flooded area with a few centimeters of water.

To get to the end we will have to walk about 1800 meters in total, about 30 to 40 minutes at least. If you decide to do so, bring water and sandals or tight-fitting sandals, because during the summer months the temperatures are very high and the sand and rocks are scorching.

All this area is completely unaltered, apart from an area with sculptures made with stones and debris washed by the sea whose author, Johannes Schultz (resident in Formentera for decades) has baptized as La Riada (The Flood).

Beach maintenance personnel do not arrive there, there are no roads for vehicle access, posidonia sea grass is not removed and you can find accumulations of this marine plant in the sand or floating in the water, depending on the storms and currents of recent months.

Please pick up the garbage and take it with you. If you are a smoker, do not leave cigarette butts in the sand: they take 10 years to disappear.


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