Molí d’en Jeroni Windmill

Restored mill in Sant Francesc
Molí d'en Jeroni windmill, Formentera

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The interior cannot be visited, as it is privately owned. The exterior can be visited freely.


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Old flour mill in Sant Francesc

The Molino d’en Jeroni is a flour windmill located in the highest rocky area of the hill of sa Mirada, near the Dalt de Portossalè road, on the outskirts of Sant Francesc, in Formentera.

How to get to Molino d’en Jeroni?

To go to the mill we must go to Sant Francesc and then go up the road to Dalt de Portossaler. This road is located behind the old cemetery of Sant Francesc, in the western part of the village.

History of the Jeroni Mill

Together with the mill of Mateu, the Molino d’en Jeroni constitutes what are called the mills of sa Miranda. According to the available documentation, the mill dates back to 1760 and was built by the Tur “Jeroni” family, who gave it its name.

In 1958 a windstorm damaged it and it did not recover the antennas until it was restored in 1991. The tower, 5 meters in diameter and 7 meters high, has a single access door facing southeast. Its strategic position, 64 m above sea level, responds to the search for maximum exposure to the wind, and From the mill you can enjoy very good views of practically all Migjorn, the area of La Savina, the islet of Es Vedrá and the island of Ibiza. In addition, the mill d’en Jeroni can be seen from several points of the island, which makes its silhouette an identifiable landmark from much of the territory of Formentera.

Visiting the Molino d’en Jeroni

The Molino d’en Jeroni is privately owned, which means that its interior cannot be visited. However, you can visit the exterior freely without any problem.

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