The arc

Diving Point in Formentera
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Characteristics of this dive site:

Maximum depth: 18 meters
Required level: Open Water


The arch is one of the most popular dives in Formentera, both for divers and snorkelers.

Features of the Underwater Arch of Formentera

El Arco is a dive on the west coast of Formentera. This dive consists of two arches, the larger one at approximately 10-12 meters depth and a smaller one at approximately 18 meters depth.

This is a dive for all levels and can be dived at Open Water level.

In addition to the two stone arches, which concentrate a lot of life and schools of fish around them, in the surroundings of the area of El Arco you can enjoy posidonia meadows in an excellent state of conservation. If you are lucky you might also see a small moray eel or octopus hiding in the rocky nooks and crannies.

Also for snorkelers

The area of El Arco, because of its shallow depth, is also very popular with snorkelers. To access this area for snorkeling, if you do not have a boat that can take you there, you must do it on foot, leaving the vehicle in the area of Can Marroig and walking about one kilometer south (about 20 minutes).

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