Weekend in Formentera

What to see in Formentera in a weekend? In this brief guide we tell you what you can see in Formentera if you visit the island for a weekend.
Vista de la playa de Migjorn en Formentera, con una casita para barcas en primer plano
Content: Weekend in Formentera

Traveling for a weekend in Formentera can be the perfect excuse to delight yourself with its views and dream the sea that, after all, is the same and is also different.

This island will envelop you with its landscapes and corners where there are monuments, lighthouses, mills and other tourist sites where you can observe the charm that usually characterizes this beautiful island.

If you have thought about spending a weekend in Formentera or you are already planning to do so, join us. We will show you some of the places you can visit during your stay.

Don’t know how to get to Formentera? In the link below you will find all the information:

Accommodation and transportation tips for a weekend getaway

Formentera is a rather small island, which you can travel around in a few minutes by car or motorcycle. If you are used to riding a bicycle, then this vehicle is also an option for getting around.

Where to stay for a weekend in Formentera?

Regarding which area is the best to stay for a weekend in Formentera, we would recommend any of its villages, because it is a small island where it is possible to get from one point to another without major complications.

However, you should keep in mind that the village of El Pilar de la Mola is the farthest away of all points of interest, so keep in mind that it would only be the most suitable place if you want to be in a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle.

The vast majority of accommodations in Formentera offer a good quality/price ratio, but it is advisable to investigate the reputation of the place where you will stay before choosing it, taking into account some aspects such as the quality of services and rooms, since, in this way, you will be able to find the hotel or apartment that best suits you.

How to move around Formentera?

There are 3 main options to tour Formentera during a weekend: car, bicycle or motorcycle.

  • The car is an excellent option for family trips, because it allows to carry without major inconveniences the different belongings that will be used in the trips through its tourist sites, especially if they are beaches.
  • The motorcycle is one of the means of transport most chosen by tourists who decide to spend a weekend in Formentera, as they are usually much easier to park than cars, especially during the summer.
  • Bicycles are recommended for those who like to drive this type of vehicle and also have the habit and physical fitness to do so, since, in the months of excessive heat such as July and August, this type of transportation can be a little uncomfortable.

Towns to visit during a weekend in Formentera

The island of Formentera has 6 villages, among which the capital, Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran are the largest.

Sant Francesc

The town of Sant Francesc, capital of Formentera, is the capital of the island and the largest of its towns. This is the seat of the Consell Insular (which is both government and town hall), as well as the main services offered by the island. You will find restaurants, bars and terraces where you can dine and have a drink.

Es Pujols

It is considered the tourist center of this island and for those who love the party and the hustle and bustle, this town is the best option to enjoy your weekend in Formentera. It has many restaurants where you can enjoy local or international food, as well as pubs, bars and a couple of nightclubs.

La Savina

In the northwest area of Formentera is the town and port of La Savina. Visitors are obliged to pass through this area, as it is where the boats coming from Eivissa dock. It is usually a very crowded area, since this is a point of connection between tourists and locals, especially during the summer season.

The Pilar de la Mola

It can be considered the quietest town to spend a weekend in Formentera, being one of the areas where you can find some of the main tourist sites of this island as the La Mola Lighthousethe La Mola Old Mill or the La Mola flea market.

Es Caló de Sant Agustí

It is a small town of just two streets with a great fishing tradition that has a natural harbor and stands out especially for its traditional restaurants. In this place there are some small wooden houses, which were declared a site of cultural interest in 2002.

Sant Ferran

This town is located in the center of the island, where the roads from Es Pujols, Pilar de la Mola and Sant Francesc cross. It is characterized for being a place where creativity and bohemian life reign.

In this village, which has a network of pedestrian streets renovated in recent years, you can visit sites such as a square, church, a small historic center and the famous Sant Ferran Art Market.

Beaches in Formentera that you have to see

One of the main attractions of this beautiful island are its beaches, which are usually among the favorite tourist destinations of travelers who visit it. With their white sandy coves and turquoise blue waters, these sites invite you to experience endless experiences and sensations.

Thus, among the main beaches that can be visited on a weekend, we can highlight the following.

Cala Saona beach, Formentera
Small Cove in Migjorn, Formentera
Beach in the Illetas area

Tips for a weekend in Formentera day by day

Two days are enough to see the highlights of the island of Formentera. Here are some tips on how to divide the agenda for your weekend in Formentera.


The first day of your weekend in Formentera could be like this:

  • In the morning
    • You can start the day by spending the day at one of the beaches recommended above. We would tell you to go to Illetas or Levante until noon or until after lunch. The Illetas area fills up with people very quickly, so 3 or 4 hours is probably enough.
  • In the afternoon
  • At night
    • Being in Formentera is mandatory to enjoy an authentic sunset. You can check our page on where to see the sunset in Formentera, but our favorite places are Cap de Barbaria and Es Cavall d’en Borràs beach.


If you return home the same Sunday, then for that day you will not have much time, since you must take into account the time it takes to travel to Ibiza by boat, and then in Ibiza, the time it takes to get to the airport. However, assuming you have the whole day on Sunday, our planning would be as follows:

Final recommendations for spending a weekend in Formentera

During a weekend in Formentera, it is important to take some precautions to have a great time in this place.

Some to consider are the following:

  • Book well in advance the places where you will stay and eat during your stay, in high season it is difficult to find a place to stay or dine.
  • Keep a sunscreen within reach when you go to the beach, we are not telling you anything new if we mention that the summer sun in the Mediterranean area can burn in a matter of minutes.
  • Make a planning, since a weekend does not give for much, so you should have prepared a roadmap for your weekend in Formentera.