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Enjoying mountain biking in Formentera is an alternative way to tour the island to make the most of each of its natural landscapes. Every year the Volta Cicloturista de Formentera is organized, which is acycling tour that aims to become one of the major events of the Balearic Islands in the calendar of lovers of this mountain sport.

In addition, through its three stages, you can use this cycling tour as an excuse, in case you want to compete, to get to know in depth new corners of Formentera and explore them as you have never done before.

If you are a lover of mountain biking, it will be one of the best experiences you can take with you as a souvenir of this Balearic corner.

What is the Vuelta BTT Formentera?

The Vuelta BTT de Formentera or Vuelta Cicloturista is one of the best options for cyclists of all levels, even those who are not used to racing, to soak up the special spirit of the island.

Anyone who comes to discover the island by mountain bike will be able to do so by crossing different paths, through timed sections during the first, second and third stages.

If you dare to take your bike and take an unforgettable ride, you should know all the details about this characteristic tour that already has great fame both in the archipelago and in the rest of Spain.

How it is carried out

The Formentera MTB is divided into three different stages that have an accumulated in three days of 97.5 km in length and 1,000 meters of unevenness to challenge the most daring cyclists. 

In addition, those who wish to bet on strong emotions, will have the opportunity to participate in the MTB La Mola, on the third day, a classic competition that has a route of 36.6 km and 850 meters of unevenness. The latter is scoring for the Challenge of the Pitiuso MTB Championship

Organization of the BTT Formentera

The Formentera MTB is organized by the Sports Area of the Consell de Formentera, coordinated by the Grup Esportiu Espalmador and Unisport Consulting. 

 Its organization focuses on three zones for each of the days of the event:

  • San Francisco
  • The Pilar de la Mola 
  • La Savina

When applying, it is important to take into account the difficulty of each of the routes. 

However, not to back out, but to encourage you to take a step further and dare to explore breathtaking landscapes in a different way. 

Thanks to these walks around the island, the event has become one of the key events for all mountain sports enthusiasts in the Balearic Islands, as well as the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, as it can be a new tourist activity with which to get to know the island. island of Formentera in depth. 

Do you have to be a professional to participate? 

Those amateur cyclists who do not wish to compete, regardless of their level, can participate in the Vuelta Cicloturista de Formentera thanks to the short distances of its routes, which are easily overcome. 

Therefore, it is a good way to discover the island from a different perspective, especially if you come to visit without wanting to do the same as the rest of the tourists. 

Here, you can follow the MTB in the timed sections of the first and second day, taking into account that each stage lasts around three hours. 

Competition in the BTT Formentera

Accumulated elevation gain MTB La Mola
Accumulated elevation gain in the La Mola MTB race

Likewise, in the Formentera MTB there is also space for cyclists who wish to compete.  For them, it is available the classic MTB competition La Mola, the third and last day, which starts and arrives at Pilar de la Mola. 

Those who are not prepared for this competition will have the opportunity to take an alternative route along some of the sections of the popular race. 

During this day there will be no timed sections for those who opt for the cyclotourist option. 

The ultimate goal of this event is that cyclists of all levels use Formentera as a meeting point to enjoy this mountain sport in a different way and in a paradisiacal environment. 

What you need to participate 

Roman road from es caló to la Mola, Formentera
Roman road from Es Caló to La Mola, Formentera, also cyclable by mountain bike.

If you wish to participate in the last race of the three days, the Vuelta a la Mola (scoring for the Pitiuso MTB championship), you must have a valid cycling license that has been issued through the National Cycling Federation and approved by the UCI. 

But if you don’t have a license, don’t worry: for the race you can apply for a temporary one-day license approved by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) during the registration process. 

You can also take out accident insurance in order to be able to participate in the race. 

If you want to participate in the Formentera MTB and you do not have a cycling license, but you do have a license for other sports, this will not be valid either, so you must take into account the above points.

When is the Vuelta BTT Formentera held? 

In order to avoid the long hot days that are experienced on the island during the summer months, the event has a fixed date located every year in the last weekend of October.  

Every year the exact days change, but you will always know when to visit Formentera in order to participate in the cycling race.

Green routes of Formentera:
also in BTT

Closely related to the Formentera MTB event are the Green Routes that can be enjoyed on the island.

The reason is that these can be carried out both on foot and by bike. In total, the Consell Insular has created 32 routes to discover the island from various perspectives and in a different way to other tourists.

These are routes that total dozens of kilometers, which can be linked to each other through the different points of Formentera and that you can also enjoy by bicycle to reconnect with nature and forget for a moment about your obligations.

In addition, these routes have been carried out using old rural roads, so they are easy to travel without fear of getting disoriented. In fact, they work perfectly as a good alternative to the island’s roads.