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Where to snorkel in Formentera? Here are some tips on where to go in Formentera if you are a snorkeling enthusiast.

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Although most people you ask what is the best thing about Formentera, will say the beaches and the fantastic turquoise and crystal clear waters, this Mediterranean island hides much more than you might think. In fact, if you are a water sports lover, snorkeling in Formentera is a must during your visit to the island.

What is snorkeling?

And why is Formentera one of the best places in the Mediterranean for snorkeling?

Snorkeling, also known as snorkeling, is a popular summertime water sport that involves swimming on the surface of the sea or ocean while exploring the marine life below. To be able to observe the underwater life, the people who practice this sport wear a mask to be able to see more clearly. In addition, the mask is complemented by a breathing tube to keep the face permanently submerged in the water, and to move faster and more agile and effortlessly, most people choose to use diving fins on their feet as well.

Formentera is a fantastic environment for snorkeling for two main reasons:

  1. The waters of Formentera reach summer temperatures of around 25ºC, so you will not need a wetsuit to practice it on this island.
  2. Formentera is almost entirely a very well preserved marine environment, and in the north of the island protected by the Natural Park of the Salt Flats of Ibiza and Formentera, which makes it teeming with life.

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Where to snorkel in Formentera?

As we have advanced in the introduction, one of the peculiarities of Formentera is the great possibility that gives divers to snorkel in a more than privileged environment.

With its 20 kilometers of coastline and its wonderful beaches perfectly preserved, the island is a true wonder and paradise of the Mediterranean.

What stands out the most is that the beauty of the waters that Formentera hides goes far beyond the crystalline, and hides a secret: the posidonia. It is a plant that inhabits the seabed of the Mediterranean and has certain properties that keep the water clear, the sand on the beaches does not disappear with storms and storms and keeps a lot of life in its meadows.

Many tend to confuse Posidonia with mere algae and do not like it when they find Posidonia accumulated on beaches, but the truth is that its mere presence contributes to the purity of the marine environment thanks to its function of filtering, oxygenation and stabilization of the seabed.

Below we tell you the most suitable places where you can snorkel in Formentera, so you can start planning your trip now.

Cove at

Cala en Baster is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful coves on the island of Formentera.

It is a bay that offers picturesque caves to store boats (and shelter from the sun). The surrounding seabed is also perfect for snorkeling.

Cala en Baster, Formentera
Cala en Baster, Formentera

Among the many aspects that stand out of this idyllic spot is that it is one of the best places where you can snorkel in Formentera. This is due to its rocky bottom, which allows many different species of fish and animals to hide waiting to be discovered by you. Is there a better option to contemplate the marine fauna and flora?

To access this cove, you only have to follow the road to Cala en Baster, from the village of Sant Ferran, on the tramuntana side of the island of Formentera.

Beach of
Es Carnatge

Es Carnatge is another of the beaches, or rather, coastal area, where you can snorkel in Formentera.

This is an area that extends the area of Cala en Baster towards the east, until almost reaching the area of Es Caló.

Costa de Es Carnatge, Formentera
Costa de Es Carnatge, Formentera

Es Carnatge can be reached on foot from the area of Cala en Baster, following the coast for about 500 meters eastwards. The best thing is that it is an area of rocky coastline that makes it an ideal place where you can snorkel in Formentera. And the fact is that these rocks hide a large number of fish and marine animals of the most peculiar.

Ses Platjetes

In the village of Es Caló are the beaches of Ses Platjetes(the little beaches), which as the name suggests, are three small beaches located in this area of the north coast of the island.

These are hidden behind a line of coastal dunes heavily populated by vegetation.

Playa de Ses Platjetes, Es Caló, Formentera
Playa de Ses Platjetes, Es Caló, Formentera

In order to access, you only have to go through the wooden walkways that cross all the dunes. It is a must visit if you travel to Formentera, as the environment has a totally exceptional beauty.

The most characteristic feature of these small beaches is that, being in a rocky area, you can enjoy the nooks and crannies in the reef underwater snorkeling. The two beaches located at both ends are more covered by sand, although the reefs are still there and will allow you to enjoy this sport as well.

Caló des Mort

Es Caló des Mort is one of the most visited, crowded and photographed coves of Formentera.

However, being surrounded by a rocky area, it is also an option if you are looking for snorkeling in Formentera.

Caló Des Mort, Formentera
Caló Des Mort, Formentera

There is not much to say about Es Caló des Mort that has not already been said. But perhaps what is not often said is that it is a perfect place for snorkeling. In the waters around the area of Es Caló des Mort you have rocky areas and posidonia meadows full of life that will delight your snorkeling dives. And if Caló des Mort is too crowded, you can walk to the neighboring Cala de Es Torrent des Arbocers or Cala de Es Ram (which you will see below).

Es Ram

Another place that can not miss on this list if you want to snorkel in Formentera is the Cala de Es Ram.

It is an unfrequented place, so it can be the ideal destination for those who prefer to escape from the masses and enjoy the tranquility.

Cala de Es Ram, Formentera
Cala de Es Ram, Formentera

This beautiful cove is very small and intimate, and you will find it at the easternmost end of the coast of Migjorn. As it is isolated from roads and accesses, posidonia can accumulate abundantly in winter on the few 15 meters of beach it has.

Although it is a cove of difficult access, you can reach it from es Caló des Mort walking about 15 minutes, as well as from the road to La Mola. It is an unfrequented cove where you can go nudism and, in turn, snorkeling.

"The Arc"

Finally, we could not fail to mention the Submarine Arch of the island of Formentera.

This is a diving and snorkeling area on the west coast with two arches, one at 12 meters deep and the other at 18 meters deep. With snorkeling equipment you can enjoy the first of the arches from the surface.

Submarinismo y snorkel en El Arco, Formentera
Submarinismo y snorkel en El Arco, Formentera

If instead of snorkeling you want to do scuba diving in this area of Formentera, you should know that you can do this dive only with the Open Water level.

What most characterizes this fantastic submerged wonder of the island is that it concentrates a high level of life and schools of fish around, and at greater depths you can enjoy firsthand posidonia meadows in an exceptional state of conservation.

Since the area of El Arco is located at a shallow depth, it is considered an idyllic place where snorkelers can enjoy this sport. It is best to access by boat, but if you do not have it, you can also walk about 20 minutes from Can Marroig.

Snorkeling excursions in Formentera

Enjoy snorkeling with a guide and a boat at your total disposal

As you have seen, there are numerous coves and beaches in Formentera where snorkeling can be an unforgettable and unparalleled experience.

In fact, this sport is considered one of the best ways to discover the wonders that awaits the seabed of Formentera, as well as the great secret of the island: the posidonia.

Is there a better way to discover the marine creatures and vegetation behind the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Formentera?

If you want to snorkel but don’t want to do it on your own, you can opt for an organized excursion.

In fact, there are numerous companies on the island that offer different packs so that you can get started.

The best known are the boat excursions that allow you to discover the best beaches and coves of the island, and in which one or more stops are made to practice snorkeling. You will be accompanied at all times by an instructor who will guide you and teach you everything you need to know to practice this activity.

In addition, some of these companies also offer the option of having lunch on the boat or enjoying a vermouth.

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