Who we are

Who is behind the AllFormentera.com project?
Content: Who we are

Behind the AllFormentera.com project is a digital professional who spent two seasons working on the island during 2015 and 2016 and fell in love with it.

The creator of AllFormentera.com is Xevi Baena, consultant specialized in SEO (search engine optimization) and WordPress web design. Lover of Formentera, of the territory and of its natural environment so little altered that it has become a valuable jewel worth preserving.

For topics not directly related to this website you can contact me at my professional website https://spagenciaseo.com or through LinkedIN.

Why this website was born

One day, back in 2017, a friend who was visiting the island commented to me:

Xevi, I can’t find any website about Formentera that I like and has all the information I need. Which beach is the most beautiful? Where can I go on a Sunday afternoon? Which restaurant has the most beautiful garden?

The author in Formentera in 2015

That’s when I realized that it was in fact true: there was no accurate online information, or a website that had EVERYTHING on it. That is to say: you had to look at different websites to get an idea of what to see and what to do in Formentera. If you wanted information about hotels you had to go to a booking website, if you wanted information about restaurants you only had TripAdvisor and information about beaches was scattered in many different websites more focused on monetizing the site with ads or renting apartments than on offering high quality information.

Formentera wasn’t that big… How could it be that there was no proper island directory?

So after spending two summers working on the island, and seeing that in fact, other friends and acquaintances (apart from the aforementioned) kept asking me constantly by WhatsApp what to see and where to go before arriving to Formentera, I decided that I knew it well enough to be able to write about it objectively and offer all the information that was scattered across several different websites, in one and the same one.

In 2018 I bought a camera and started traveling to the island at least twice a year to take pictures of as many services, places and businesses as I could. I wanted to make a website where my colleague and anyone who wanted to travel or move around Formentera could find EVERYTHING, filtering by areas, by categories of places and with a description of each of the sites, no matter how unimportant they seemed.

So, after 2 years, 7,000 photographs, 4 documentaries and 8 books about Formentera bought at the Tur Ferrer bookstore in Sant Francesc, in 2020, I finally felt I had enough material and knowledge to start making the website I wanted. So it was time to set up the site, write the content, edit, bookmark and post the photos….. And then came the COVID, which put the 2020 summer tourism campaign (and this website) on stand-by.

In 2021 I started again with the work and finally I have finished it. And of course the website will continue to expand as I travel to the island in 2022, 2023, 2024… and every year.

What information do I want to convey

All the information you will find in AllFormentera.com is focused on promoting the island’s environment and local businesses.

Formentera (its people and its institutions, which have worked hard for it) has managed to preserve, for decades, the environment and landscape in a very little altered way compared to other areas of our country, and that has made it today a place with very high added value at the tourist level.

However, Formentera is much more than sun, beach and photos on Instagram.

That’s why at AllFormentera.com we have put a lot of emphasis on providing information to the visitor that goes beyond easy to monetize pages focused on the click to earn commission (although yes, we also earn commissions to monetize and maintain the site):

  • We talk about the history of Formentera more extensively than anyone else.
  • We have written content about archaeological excavations on the island.
  • We have information about places to dive, and information about Formentera’s aquatic treasure, the posidonia meadows.
  • You will find services as diverse as pharmacies, hospitals, employment, ATMs and police stations…
  • We want to put a lot of emphasis on the protection of the environment, for example the impact of plastic in the Mediterranean and the need to start migrating towards a world without fossil fuels.

Design and layout

The design and layout of the website was done by myself. The colors used were those defined in the logo, which then marked the look-and-feel of the website.

About our logo

The AllFormentera logo is this:

The logo of AllFormentera, that you will find in all the photos of the web.

With the logo we wanted to represent or use the three predominant colors of Formentera. The green of the posidonia (and with leaves represented in a similar way to it), the ochre of the land of Formentera and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

The designer of the logo was Laura Vicedo Castro. You can find her on Instagram if you need design work.


We are expanding the website little by little, week by week and month by month, because we know that there is still a lot to say about Formentera.

If you have suggestions about web changes or contents that do not appear and you would like them to be there, you can contact us through our contact page or by email at info(at)allformentera(dot)com to leave us your comments.