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The sunsets are one of the attractions par excellence of Formentera. It doesn’t matter where you are or what your plans are: when sunset approaches, you or one of your group of friends or family members will surely suggest going to watch the sunset.

In this page we are going to give you all the information about how to enjoy the best sunsets in Formentera: places, time of the year, hours…

How to make the most of the sunset in Formentera

The key to enjoy a spectacular sunset in Formentera is to follow a couple of tips:

  1. Anticipate. Do not pretend to arrive at the chosen place to see the sunset at the last minute, in a hurry, with the sun already disappearing and even then enjoy it. For many people the sunset is a kind of ritual, a “thank you” for the day lived, and that is why we recommend that you choose the place in advance and arrive at least half an hour before the appointed time. This way you will be able to choose a place without rushing.
  2. Choosing the right place. Many people go to the Faro de la Mola to see the sun go down under the sea but… La Mola Lighthouse faces east! From the Faro de la Mola you can see the sunrise, not the sunset. That’s why choosing the right place is key: you should go to the west side of the island. It is also important to choose one place or another depending on the type of sunset you want to enjoy: in a group, as a couple, solo…
Sunset schedulesSo that the time of sunset does not catch you unexpectedly we have left you a weather widget where the sunset times in Formentera appear for each day of the year.However, the minute and second will not be exact, as the measurements were made from a nearby station (such as Ibiza) so take the following data as a guideline.You can check the sunrise, sunset and daylight hours in Formentera here:Sunset in Formentera for the day: 21-02-2023 Sunrise: 07:38 Sunset: 18:38 Duration of Day: 11h 0m

Best time of the year to see the most spectacular sunsets

Most photographs of sunsets in Formentera are taken during the summer, as this is when the island receives more visitors. However, the most spectacular and breathtakingly colorful sunsets can be seen during the autumn months.

The reasons are not subjective, but science explains it:

  • There is less humidity in the air, offering more visibility and a cleaner atmosphere.
  • High altitude clouds, which best reflect sunlight, are more common when the atmosphere is cool.
  • Given the tilt angle of the earth in autumn, the sun enters the horizon more diagonally compared to summer (when it hides almost vertically), which makes the twilight last longer and more intense

Best places to watch the sunset in Formentera

If you want to see the sunset as such, that is, to see the sun disappear behind the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, you will have to go to the western part of the island. The places we recommend are the following.

Remember: if you bring drinks or food to enjoy the sunset, take the garbage with you. Formentera is a unique and very fragile natural environment.

Saona Cove and Punta Rasa

Cala Saona faces west and is an easily accessible beach, so many people choose it as the place from which to enjoy the sunset. You can enjoy the sunset from the beach itself, but we recommend you to go to the cliffs around Cala Saona.

Especially crowded and well known for watching the sunset is the area of Punta Rasa, the most westerly small rocky headland of all Formentera that goes out westward just off Cala Saona. You can reach Punta Rasa walking from the beach of Cala Saona (recommended) or by motorcycle or car by taking the detour from the road leading to Cala Saona (before arriving) and driving for about 1 km on a dirt road.

Sunset at Cala Saona, Formentera
Sunset at Cala Saona, Formentera

Can Marroig

The Can Marroig area is a publicly owned estate of almost 150 hectares located in the northwesternmost tip of Formentera. In Can Marroig there is a large cultivation area, picnic area, bird interpretation area and a small ethnographic museum of Formentera.

On the cliffs on the west side there are a multitude of abandoned marés quarries, and that’s where you should go if you want a quiet sunset with no one around you (apart from a few locals who know the place).

Sunset Can Marroig, Formentera
Sunset Can Marroig, Formentera. Opposite, Es Vedrá

Cap de Barbaria

The Cap de Barbaria area is a popular place to watch the sunset. In fact, the  Faro de Cap de Barbaria is one of the major attractions of Formentera, so you can expect to find a lot of people, at any time of the day.

Since the Cap de Barbaria is an area with very little vegetation, about 70 meters above sea level and overlooking the entire southern part of the island, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Remember that access to the Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse is limited since 2017. To get to Cap de Barbaria you will have to park in the enabled parking lot and walk for 1.7 kilometers (about 25 minutes).

Cape Barbaria lighthouse
 Sunset at Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera

Cavall d’en Borràs and Illetas beaches

Cavall d’en Borràs beach is another place chosen by many visitors to watch the sunset. Watching the sunset from the beach of Cavall d’en Borràs is spectacular because the islet of Es Vedra is located almost oppositeIn addition, we will enjoy an idyllic view with many boats in front of us and we will also be able to observe the boat traffic between Formentera and Ibiza during sunset.

You can enjoy the sunset from the beach or enjoy a mojito in one of the beach bars and restaurants on the beach of Cavall d’en Borràs.

Also near Cavall d’en Borràs you have the beach of Illetas, which due to its west orientation, is another perfect place to watch the sunset. However, depending on where you are, you will have to move somewhere where you can see the horizon. For example, in the most hidden part of Ses Xalanes Beach, in Illetas, you will not be able to see the sunset and you will have to move a little to see the horizon.

Sunset at Cavall d'en Borràs beach, Formentera
Sunset at the beach bar at Cavall d’en Borràs Beach, Formentera

Sa Gavina Tower

The farthest place from any agglomeration is undoubtedly the area of Punta Gavina, where the Torre de Sa Gavina is located.

If you want to watch the sunset with no one around you, the Punta Gavina area is your place. The reason why almost nobody goes to Punta Gavina is that the access is complicated and in any case you have to walk a lot: there is no road in good condition that leads directly to Punta Gavina, which means that in any case you will have to park the vehicle far away and walk a long way.

Therefore, although you can get to the Torre de Sa Gavina in several ways, we recommend that you do it on foot, by motorcycle or bicycle.

In addition, since once the sun has already hidden behind the horizon you will have to walk a long way to your vehicle , we recommend that you take a light or flashlight with you.

Sunset at Punta Gavina, Formentera
Sunset at Punta Gavina, Formentera. In the background, the Tower of Sa Gavina

La Savina

Finally, another place to enjoy the sunset is La Savina. You can head to the lighthouse of La Savina, where you can enjoy the sunset if you are near the Maritime station and do not have time to go anywhere else. We know it’s not the most idyllic place… but if you have a “monkey” of sunset and you are in the Savina, this place can serve you.

Is it possible to see the Iberian Peninsula from Formentera during a sunset?

Yes, it is possible to see the Iberian Peninsula and the mountains of Denia during a sunset, but it is only possible during the autumn months. The main reason for this phenomenon is explained above, when we explained why sunsets are more beautiful in winter.

Sunset, Denia from Formentera
The mountains of Denia, about 100 km away in a straight line from Formentera, during an autumn sunset.