Windsurfing in Formentera

Formentera is a privileged place for windsurfing.

Here we tell you all the details!

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Have you ever wondered where you can practice Windsurfing in Formentera? If you decide to come to spend your vacations, either with family or friends, discover the places to practice this exciting sport. On the island of Formentera you can practice multiple sports, among them is windsurfing. Windsurfing is a water sport that consists of moving over the water by means of a surfboard and a sail that uses the impulse of the wind, bringing together the best of sailing and surfing.

This sport appeared in the 1930s, when surfer Tom Blake placed a sail on his surfboard so that he would not have to paddle to where the waves were breaking. To his surprise, he ended up inventing a new modality in the family of so-called water sports.

Today, windsurfing has been evolving towards new ways of doing sport on the water, so much so that it has thousands of fans of all ages.

What is the ideal season for windsurfing in Formentera?

In Formentera the winds tend to be from the east almost all year round, being in winter when the wind blows more frequently.

However, the best season for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Formentera is from September/October to March/April. At that time is when there are fewer bathers, boats and visitors, and therefore, in addition to more and better wind, is when you will have the beaches more at your disposal to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Windsurfing Schools in Formentera

Formentera is a good place to practice this water sport par excellence, since it has a very particular geography. Its waves and wind allow you to enjoy this exercise, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

There are three places where you can go to experience this exciting sport.

Wet4Fun Sports Center

First, we have the Wet4Fun sports center, located on the beach in the town of Es Pujols. Here you will find a variety of courses for both children and adults.

At the Windsurfing level, there are several courses, including for the youngest, which consists of eight hours spread over three days, from Monday to Wednesday, and a course that is held on weekends with six hours of duration.

It is worth mentioning that the center has an office where you can rent the different equipment, whether you want to enroll in one of the courses or you dare to practice this wonderful sport on your own.

These elements are wetsuits, life jackets, the board and the sail itself for a price ranging from 50 euros for two hours, four hours or a whole day.

Nautical Center Formentera

And we do not forget to mention the famous Nautical Center Formentera, located in the first urban center that you find as soon as you set foot on the island of Formentera, La Savina.

This aquatic center offers you the possibility of renting sports equipment for both low wind conditions and more extreme conditions.

In addition to being able to develop excursions to all the beautiful beaches located to the north of the island.

Not only will you be able to practice your favorite sport, but you will also enjoy its atmosphere, its people and its splendid climate: you will enjoy your vacation in a dream place.

Levante beach offers very constant winds, and is therefore one of the favorite places for windsurfers and kitesurfers.