Directory of Formentera:

Archaeological excavations, churches, windmills, lighthouses… If you want to immerse yourself in the history of Formentera, take a look here at the island’s most outstanding monuments.


Places in the category: Monuments

Former Franco's seaplane base at Estany Pudent Lake of Formentera
Defense tower at Cap de Barbaria
Lighthouse in the Pilar de la Mola, Formentera
Ancient Chapel of the XIII century
Defense tower in Can Marroig
Defense tower in Espalmador Island

To explore the monuments of Formentera is to immerse yourself in its fascinating history and architectural beauty! Ancient watchtowers, silent witnesses of the past, stand majestically on the coast, offering breathtaking views of the sea.

The churches, with their traditional charm, invite you to discover the local spirituality and architecture. Archaeological excavations reveal the buried secrets of past civilisations, transporting you back to ancient times.

Each monument tells a unique story, from the impressive churches to the mysterious ruins. Explore Formentera’s rich history as you wander through these sites, immersing yourself in the authenticity of the island.

Get ready for a journey back in time as you marvel at the cultural heritage Formentera has to offer at every turn!