Local Police of Formentera

Local Police Force of Formentera
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Local police station of Formentera

Local Police Station of Formentera

☎ +34971322201


📌 Ctra. de la Savina, 53, 07860, Sant Francesc

The Local Police of Formentera is in charge of supervising that the local regulations and laws of the island of Formentera are complied with.

At some points the local police of Formentera works together with the Guardia Civil in order to coordinate and achieve better control and management of possible crimes and mishaps that may occur in Formentera. The local police depends on the Council of Formentera.

Functions of the Local Police of Formentera

The functions of the Local Police of Formentera are almost all at the administrative level, and the management of crimes, misdemeanors, and traffic control is usually the responsibility of the Guardia Civil. However, the Local Police of Formentera is also in charge of other formalities such as:

  • Control of construction permits
  • Containment control during COVID
  • Speed and drug control on the road
  • Citizen security
  • Surveillance

Coordination between police forces

The Local Police of Formentera sometimes works in coordination with the Guardia Civil to divide tasks or to cover more areas of the island in the case of special devices.

For example, in summer both the Local Police and the Guardia Civil are supported by several Italian Carabinieri who come to the island as summer reinforcement, given the large influx of italian tourists on the island.

Where is the Local Police Station of Formentera located?

The Formentera Local Police station is located right next to the Guardia Civil headquarters, on the main road PM-820, before reaching the village of Sant Francesc. The police station shares a building with Formentera’s organization house.

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