Directory of Formentera:

Check our list of pharmacies in Formentera. In Formentera you have 4 pharmacies, one per town. Here you will find them geolocated and with information on each one.

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Access to healthcare is paramount, specially during your holidays, and our directory offers a comprehensive list of pharmacies across Formentera. Discover all the pharmacies in the island, that provide essential healthcare services and medication. Whether seeking prescription refills, over-the-counter medicines, or professional advice, our directory guides you to reliable pharmaceutical services.

With a focus on providing essential medications and healthcare guidance, as well as speaking english, italian and even german, these pharmacies play a crucial role in supporting the island’s health needs and offer an excellent service to tourists too.

Remember that there’s always a pharmacy that is on duty, available 24h, in case of emergencies. The duty is weekly and rotative. Check the panel outside of each pharmacy to know which one is for the days you are visiting Formentera.

Explore our directory to locate nearby pharmacies, ensuring prompt and reliable access to essential healthcare services.