Kitesurfing in Formentera

Do you know where to kitesurf in Formentera? Since a few years ago kitesurfing kites are visible in Formentera on a very regular basis. On this page we will tell you everything you need to know about kitesurfing in Formentera.
Kitesurfing in Formentera
Content: Kitesurfing in Formentera

Have you ever thought about practicing a sport that releases your adrenaline and gives you the precious sensation of flying?

Kitesurfing consists of moving through the water using a board similar to a surfboard together with the propulsion of a kite. It has been gaining as followers lovers of strong and frenetic emotions.

If you thought that kitesurfing is a rather modern sport, there is evidence that since the twelfth century, in China and Indonesia there were fishermen who used kites to propel their small boats to go out to fish.

In 1977 it was registered as a sport discipline, and its practice and improvement has been carried out in different parts of the world, one of them on the island of Formentera.

If you want to spend your well-deserved vacation on the island of the sun and you practice kitesurfing, you can take advantage of your days off to enjoy your hobby.

What is the best season for kitesurfing in Formentera?

In Formentera the winds tend to be from the east almost all year round, being in winter when the wind blows more frequently.

However, the best season for kitesurfing in Formentera is from September/October to March/April. At that time is when there are fewer bathers, boats and visitors, and therefore, in addition to more and better wind, is when you will have the beaches more at your disposal to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Regulation of kitesurfing in Formentera

Remember that the practice of kitesurfing is limited during the high tourist season, to avoid accidents between practitioners and swimmers/boaters.

Kitesurfing is prohibited on the beach and in bathing areas within 200 meters of the shore during the bathing season, which begins May 1.

Kitesurf School in Formentera: Formentera Kitesurf

The most notable school you can find on the island is undoubtedly the one called Formentera Kite Surf. The school has the best experts, with more than 25 years of experience in nautical sports.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kiteboarder, they offer personalized lessons, in pairs or groups (maximum 4 people), and their courses range from a two-hour contact session, in which you will learn about the elements and how to handle them in the water. There are two modalities:

  • A six-hour basic course where you will be taught how to set up all the equipment, how to perform simple exercises in the water and how to do short kite rides.
  • An advanced course of more than six hours, where you will be able to continue advancing in the practice with the equipment.
    • In addition to making longer trips, it includes a support boat, where you will be given precise instructions and videotaped so that you can see your progress.

They also offer personalized classes to perfect your technique in the water.

The area of Illetas is the favorite for all visitors who want to practice kitesurfing in Formentera.