What to see in Formentera

What can you see in Formentera?

Here are some of the outstanding places and monuments to see in Formentera

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Content: What to see in Formentera

A natural paradise that has it all: beaches, coves, nature and cliffs, this is what you can find in Formentera. But these are just some of the things to see in Formentera, so your summer getaway should be well planned to enjoy every corner of this island.

Corresponding to the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, the island of Formentera is characterized by its quiet beaches, with little influx of tourists and a turquoise blue water that captivates and shows its natural purity.

So, a charming place awaits you with activities and places to see and relax in total tranquility and, why not, fill your gallery with photos of the places you visit.

So, let’s take a tour of the places to see in Formentera. We will also give you some ideas of some of the most interesting activities to do in this island of enchantment.

What to see in Formentera, an island of charm and natural beauty

Sightseeing in Formentera can take you to visit monuments, windmills, lighthouses, enjoy the markets of certain villages of the island and activities for adults and children.

You can also enjoy sunrises and sunsets with an intense orange color and a romantic touch that will make your experience in this small island much more complete.


Let us guess: you came to Formentera for the beaches, didn’t you? 😉

Of course, the beaches of this magnificent island are the main attraction for any visitor. Here are some outstanding beaches to see in Formentera.

Some outstanding beaches:


Illetas beach, Formentera

Es Pujols

Es Pujols beach, Formentera

Cala Saona

Cala Saona beach, Formentera

It is Copinar

Es Copinyar beach, Formentera

Ses Platjetes

Ses Platjetes beach in Es Calo, Formentera


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Formentera has some little known and uncrowded coves.

If you want to escape the crowds even at Easter, getting lost in one of the various coves of Formentera is an option to take into account.

Some of the coves you will find in Formentera are only accessible by boat or by descending through the cliffs. It’s all about the most secret places!

Some outstanding coves:

Es Ram

Caló des Mort

Baster Cove

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Enjoying the sunset is one of the best spectacles to see in Formentera. Watching the sun disappear behind the horizon is a wonderful, unique and romantic experience that many tourists want to enjoy.

Is that your case? So, let’s see the places to watch the sunset in Formentera.

Read here everything you need to know about sunsets in Formentera:

Cap de Barbaria

The lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria is one of the favorite areas to enjoy a wonderful sunset.The company is located in a privileged position to the west, with It has little vegetation and is about 70 meters above sea level, which makes it the perfect place to hold your partner’s hand and watch the sun die in the most romantic way.

To access the lighthouse you must park about 2 km from the lighthouse and make the last stretch of about 25 minutes walk.

Sunset at Cap de Barbaria, Formentera

Saona Cove and Punta Rasa

Cala Saona and the area of Punta Rasa are other favorite places to watch the sunset. This area offers a complete panoramic view.

You can watch the sunset on the beach of Cala Saona, although, from experience, we recommend that you climb the cliffs that are around the beach and you will be more impressed.

Punta Rosa, meanwhile, is popular because its main attraction is the sunset, recommended as one of the must-see activities in Formentera if you are in this area.

Illetas Beach

Illetas beach has a westerly orientation that makes the sunset perfect, however, it is important to note that not all the area where you are you can enjoy the best sunset.

We recommend that, if you are in a hidden area of Ses Xalanes Beach, you move to a place where you can see the horizon without any obstruction.

Sunset at Cavall d'en Borràs Beach, Formentera

Cavall d'en Borràs Beach

If you want to capture a movie postcard with your camera, the beach of Es Cavall d’en Borràs is the best sunsets to see in Formentera.

From here you will have right in front of you the islet of Es Vedra, and to complete the picture you always have several boats moving in front of your eyes. And if you don’t want to stand on the seashore, you can take advantage of different beach bars and restaurants that are close to the beach with a view of the sunset.

Are you ready to capture the best idyllic sunset picture of your life?

Flea markets

The markets are another of the things to see in Formentera and, to tell the truth, are one of the most important centers of culture and tourism in Formentera.

Getting to know the island’s artists and their art is only possible by going to these popular flea markets.

In addition, several of the markets have activities for children that help them develop their artistic skills, while enjoying a unique view of the sea. Some of the souvenirs you can take home from these markets are handicrafts, clothing and accessories, but you can also enjoy the local cuisine and live music. And of course, your camera will be full of these wonderful memories.

La Mola flea market

The Mercadillo de la Mola is the most frequented of Formentera and its opening days are Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. During these days, the bars and restaurants of La Mola are also full of visitors. The products that are sold in this market to see in Formentera are handmade, such as jewelry, costume jewelry, cultural clothing, accessories, stone, wood and leather articles…

On the other hand, you can take a few minutes to enjoy tasty local pancakes, juices and sweets, or watch local and foreign musical groups in the center of the square.

Market of la Mola, Formentera

Es Pujols flea market

The Es Pujols street market opens its doors every night of the summer on the popular promenade of the village of Es Pujols, right in front of the sea. There, you can buy accessories and costume jewelry.

Best of all, it works until midnight, which means you can stroll around the area, have dinner and then enjoy shopping for souvenirs to take home or to share with family and friends.

Sant Ferran Art Market

In the Mercadillo de Sant Ferran the artists of the island gather from Tuesday to Thursday from 20.00h to 00.00h to offer the best of the art of the region. You can buy paintings, sculptures, illustrations, ceramics, plastic art and much more.

This flea market takes place in the Sant Ferran square and the main street of the village, turning this area into an open museum where tourists and locals come to buy works of art at the best price.

In addition, on Mondays they offer art workshops for children, where they can learn the different disciplines, tools and techniques that must be used to create art.

Finally, every Tuesday the Sant Ferran flea market welcomes a live artist to delight you with music and joy.

Art market of Sant Ferran, Formentera

Sant Francesc street market

The Mercadillo de St Francesc is a market to see in Formentera every day morning and afternoon. To get there, you just have to access the streets surrounding the Plaza de la Constitución and locate yourself in Jaume I street and Isidor Macabich street.

The best thing about this market is that it is located in the streets of the center of the island’s capital. In this flea market you will find costume jewelry and accessories.

La Savina flea market

The flea market of La Savina offers you a flea market on your arrival in Formentera, next to the cafes and accommodations for you to buy clothes and accessories.

It is open from 11:00 a.m. until late at night.

You can buy when you arrive so that you have what you need for your vacation in Formentera or you can buy a little something for your family and friends when you leave.

Savina Formentera Market
Second-hand market in Sant Francesc, Formentera

Second hand market

The flea market of Sant Francesc is a market to see in Formentera every Saturday morning, behind the popular church of Sant Francesc.

This market offers second-hand objects and clothing, from decorative or cultural objects to clothing. You may go looking for a particular artifact and come out with a different, but equally surprising, object.

And don’t think it’s a big market. Only 2 or 3 people are the ones you will find selling objects.


Among the attractions to see in Formentera, we continue with the lighthouses. Besides orienting sailors and pilots, the lighthouses of Formentera show a majestic and characteristic architecture of the region. majestic architecture characteristic of the region.

Some are located on hills and others near the seashore, but all will allow you to have a panoramic view of the sea and a history that makes it important to visit them. and a history that makes it important to visit them.

Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse

The Cap de Barbaria lighthouse is where our tour of the lighthouses to see in Formentera begins.

It is the lighthouse that is located further south of the island, 78 meters above sea level and is one of the most visited and emblematic places in Formentera.

You will also enjoy an enviable view of the entire Mediterranean by sitting and enjoying the scenery, taking pictures, enjoying the sunset, strolling around the area and filling your lungs with its most natural smells.

Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera
La Mola Lighthouse Formentera

La Mola Lighthouse

The Mola Lighthouse, located on the eastern cliffs of the island, is the oldest and is another of the wonders to see in Formentera.

It is the first lighthouse to be built in Formentera. Its beauty is such that the French writer Jules Verne himself mentioned it in his novel “The Lighthouse at the End of the World“.

La Mola Lighthouse is the best place to enjoy the sunrise in Formentera. There is also an indoor museum where you can learn about the maritime and patrimonial history of the island.

Lighthouse of La Savina

The Lighthouse of La Savina is the lighthouse that will welcome you and say goodbye to Formentera, as it is located in the village of the island where the maritime station and port is located. La Savina lighthouse is small compared to the other lighthouses (it is only 14 meters high).

From this place you can see the island of Ibiza in the distance, watch the maritime traffic of Es Freus and enjoy a very romantic sunset.


Flour windmills are also popular on this charming island, and in fact, it has 5 windmills distributed among its villages.

Although they no longer fulfill the function for which they were made (grinding grain), these mills are an important part of the history of the island, so knowing them will bring you closer to the essence of Formentera.

The molí Vell de la Mola

The Molí Vell de La Mola is the most famous of all the mills of Formentera. It is a recovered mill, property of the Consell de Formentera, so it is in very good condition. It has all the original machinery and gears inside, which is why tourists often come to see how these machines worked.

It has a truncated cone shape with 3 interior floors that can be accessed by means of a curved staircase.

Visiting hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in summer, except on Sundays.

Molí d'en Jeroni windmill, Formentera

Mills in Jeroni and Mateu

Near Sant Francesc, on the hill of Sa Miranda, you have two old flour mills that you can visit. The most interesting of all is the Molí d’en Jeroni, which although it is not open to the public and its interior is not open to visitors (as is the interior of the Molí Vell de la Mola) you can take a look at the outside of it.

The mills d’en Jeroni and d’en Mateu are located in the Camí de Dalt of Portossaler, you can reach them on foot by a walk of no more than 15 minutes.

Molí d'en Teuet

The Molí d’en Teuet is one of the oldest on the island and its construction is documented as early as 1751. This mill is on private property, and its owner, Vicent Mayans, is making efforts to recover it.

If you pass near Sant Ferran this is one of the mills to see in Formentera.

Ses Roques Mill

The Molí de Ses Roques is first documented in 1797, however, it is believed to have been one of the first to come into operation. It is currently part of a house, but you can see it if you take a walk around Sant Ferran.

You can go to see it on your way to Cala en Baster, since it is more or less on your way.


If you are one of those who love to get up early and watch the sun rise over the horizon, with that beautiful yellow color peeking through and getting lighter as the minutes go by, Formentera is a perfect place for you.

Although it is true that not many places offer a sunrise without comparison, there are two of them that are mythical to the eye and that can make you fall in love with this island of enchantment.

Amanecer desde Punta Prima, Formentera
Amanecer desde Punta Prima, Formentera

We are talking about the area of the Torre de Punta Prima and also the Faro de la Mola. These two sites, being east-facing, offer the option of enjoying a magnificent sunrise with every detail.

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With children

Children also have a lot to see and enjoy in Formentera.

In our directory you will find playgrounds and play areas where they can laugh, play and jump in complete safety.

Want to know where to take your little one on your visit to places to see in Formentera?

¿Qué ver en Formentera con niños?
¿Qué ver en Formentera con niños?

We have a page dedicated to Formentera for children. We talk about the best places to take them, family-friendly beaches, playgrounds on the island and activities you can do with the little ones.

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Formentera is much more than sun and beach, as it has a very interesting cultural and historical legacy.

Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Formentera has a number of very interesting archaeological sites. Also churches, and of course the famous watchtowers of Formentera.

Torre de sa Guardiola, isla de Espalmador, Formentera
Torre de sa Guardiola, isla de Espalmador, Formentera

Check out all the monuments of Formentera on the map: