Formentera with children

What to do and where to go in Formentera if you are traveling with children?

Here are some tips for traveling to Formentera with the little ones of the house

Content: Formentera with children

Traveling to the island of Formentera with children can certainly be a fantastic family experience, especially during the summer vacations in Spain or a vacation near Ibiza or the Balearic Islands.

The best of all is that this fantastic jewel of the Mediterranean that is the island of Formentera can be visited at any time of the year, as each season has a totally different atmosphere (and for example visiting Formentera in winter is becoming more and more common).

However, if you want to enjoy the sea with your family and the best days at the beach, summer is the ideal season. Still not sure why this is the perfect destination for you and your family and Formentera is also an ideal island for the little ones? We tell you why you can’t miss it for anything in the world.

Why visit Formentera with children?

Formentera is known for being an ideal destination for couples, but also for families who want to spend their vacations in an enviable location. The crystalline and pure waters, combined with the natural landscape, make this place an emblematic site.

In addition, Formentera’s warm weather makes this destination perfect for all seasons. Another advantage of the island is that most of the beaches are calm, with hardly any waves. Logically it is necessary to take into account the wind during certain days, to know which part of the island to go to.

If you are looking for a quiet place, where you can be surrounded by nature and disconnect, and where you can spend a few days with your family, including children of any age, Formentera may be the ideal choice. Discover all the reasons why visiting the island with the little ones is a good idea.

Playgrounds for children

Playground in Es Pujols
Playground of Es Pujols, Formentera

On the island there are several playgrounds in various areas, ideal for the youngest members of the family to have fun and burn that extra energy they have not spent on the beach.

Or maybe they’ve napped too long and it’s ten o’clock at night and they’re still energized (and sitting in the restaurant for two hours is obviously not an option).

Whatever the case may be, in Formentera you have several playgrounds where you can take your children.

Children's playground in the Ses Bardetes residential area
  • La Savina harbor playground: inaugurated in 2021, this playground is located in the marina of La Savina. It has an area for children to run right in front, and different equipment such as a slide, a swing and different climbing games.
  • Sant Francesc playground: in front of the IES Marc Ferrer high school is the Sant Francesc playground. It is one of the largest on the island and has slides, swings, a seesaw and two huts with different games. The best thing is that the entire floor is padded as a protective measure for the little ones.
  • La Savina Children’s Park: in La Savina we find this second park, specifically in the Plaça de les Illes Pitiüses. Although this one is smaller than the rest of the parks on the island, it has many facilities for children to have a great time.
  • Es Pujols playground: the fourth playground we found in Formentera is in Es Pujols. It is a very characteristic park, since it is located inside a forest. Its large shaded areas make it ideal for sheltering from the heat during the most intense hours of sunshine in the middle of summer. The floor is fully padded and the little ones can enjoy slides, swings, a footbridge for balance, as well as a castle for playing and climbing.
  • Playground of Sant Ferran: the fifth and last playground worth mentioning is the one located in Sant Ferran, the most active of the villages of Formentera during the night. It is also recently inaugurated (year 2021). It has a fence to prevent children from running into the street and various games.

Markets that organize activities for children

Children's concert at Mercadillo de la Mola, Formentera
Children’s concert at the Mercadillo de la Mola, Formentera

Although the markets of Formentera are known as charming places to go to buy handicrafts, art and souvenirs of the island, they are also an ideal place to go with children.

In fact, two of the most famous flea markets on the island have different activities for children, such as concerts and activities dedicated exclusively to them.

These two flea markets are as follows:

  • Art Market of Sant Ferran: this market brings together the best artists of the island in painting, illustration, sculpture, ceramics, etc.. What few people know is that on Mondays there are art workshops for children.
    Thanks to these workshops, children will have the opportunity to learn about different disciplines, tools and techniques to develop their creative abilities and become true artists.
  • Mercadillo de La Mola: known as the hippy market par excellence, the Mercadillo de la Mola is the most famous market in Formentera. You will have the opportunity to take a trip back in time to the wonderful sixties. In addition, this market also features storytelling, concerts and different activities for children to have fun.

Other activities in Formentera for children

If you want to visit Formentera with children and give them an extra of activities to do, here are some ideas.

Bicycle routes

bicycle rental in formenteraAnother way to visit the most hidden and original places of the island of Formentera is by bicycle.

The short distances make it the perfect and most economical transportation you can find.

In addition, it is something that the little ones will love, which makes it an ideal family activity. In fact, there are different routes around the island, so that you can go by bike, which are perfectly adapted for any member of the family, avoiding sections that can be difficult for the little ones.

Thanks to these bike rides, you will be able to enjoy some of the best landscapes of the island, where vegetation, dunes and even different types of birds predominate, allowing you to be in contact with the real nature.

Horseback riding

Formentera a CavalloAnother of the most viable options to enjoy the island when traveling with children, in addition to organizing a very original activity for them, is horseback riding.

Thanks to the parks, trails and unique landscapes, you will be able to enjoy this experience in an unparalleled way.

In addition, the routes are specially designed so that they are not as crowded as other parts of the island, and perfectly adapted so that people of all ages can enjoy them.

Water activities

Snorkeling in Formentera with kidsAs it could not be otherwise, other activities that can be carried out on the island of Formentera with children are all those water activities.

The incredible beaches that run along the entire coastline make Formentera the perfect setting for games and water and sports activities in the sea or on the sand.

Among the different activities that can be carried out are kayaking, snorkeling or renting small boats to make routes and enjoy the sea.


Hiking in FormenteraNaturally, excursions are another of Formentera’s strong points.

Among the different options, the hike along the ancient Roman road, known locally as Camí de Sa Pujada, stands out.

This old road connects La Mola with other points of the island, and owes its name to the cobblestones that remind us of the ancient roads that existed in Roman times. This excursion will take you to the interior of the island, where you will be able to enjoy an exceptional landscape with incredible views.

Green routes

Roman road from es caló to la Mola, Formentera
Roman road from Es Caló to la Mola, Formentera

Formentera also has 20 green routes, which have been created by the island’s own Consell Insular.

These are different paths that will allow you to get in touch with the nature that covers the territory, as well as to get to know the most rural Formentera of all.

Some of the routes we have specified above, created for cycling, are part of these green routes, although the rest can be done on foot perfectly well.

Best beaches for children

Es Arenals Beach
Es Arenals Beach, Formentera

Undoubtedly, the beaches of Formentera are the jewel in the crown of any visit to the island.

Beach in the Migjorn area
Beach in the Migjorn area
Beach in the Illetas area

Although all beaches are suitable for families and children, we recommend three in particular for their services, easy accessibility and very calm waters:

  • Platja des Copinar: this is the easternmost of the beaches of Migjorn. Actually, there are three beaches separated by reefs, creating a natural division of the bathing areas. In fact, these reefs make it ideal for snorkeling. It is considered one of the best beaches to go with children, as the depth of the beach increases very slowly and has a very comfortable access from the parking lot or on foot. There is also a bus that goes to the beach and a wooden walkway that allows us to go from one bathing area to another comfortably.
  • Platja de Es Arenals: right next to Platja des Copinar, we find the neighboring beach Es Arenals. It is a dune of fine white sand, with a wide range of restaurants and beach bars, ideal to go with small children. This beach is also one of the busiest and best known of the island, which is not surprising because of its great beauty and spectacularity. Es Arenals is also characterized by its easy access through an asphalted road.
  • Platja de Ses Xalanes (Illetas): this is the beach with the calmest and shallowest waters of the whole area of Illetas, as it is protected by a natural reef of islands and posidonia meadows. That is why it is also a perfect beach for children to enjoy a day of swimming.

Recommended visit for children: Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria and Cova Foradada

In addition to visiting the beautiful beaches and coves of the island, there are also other emblematic placesthat are a must when visiting Formentera.

If you want your children to have a great time, of course you should take them to visit the famous Cap de Barbaria lighthouse and the Cova Foradada next to it:

  • Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria: without a doubt, the Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria is the most iconic place of Formentera. And it is only upon arrival that the image of a practically deserted landscape, a narrow road and the lighthouse in the distance, surrounded by the blue sea, is difficult to describe in words.
  • Cova Foradada: Cova Foradada is one of the many caves that can be found on the island and, without a doubt, the most famous of them all. Its circular entrance allows you to go down a staircase and find a completely natural opening to the cliff. You can visit this emblematic point in the area of Cap de Barbaria, approximately 100 meters west of the lighthouse, an obligatory stop during your visit. Why don’t you take the opportunity to watch the sunset? We assure you that it is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Accommodations in Formentera with children

One of the biggest doubts that arise when traveling with children is the type of accommodation to choose.

On the island you will find hotels, private rooms, apartments or houses in the countryside. In these cases, it is best to opt for a house in the country or an apartment, since the space is much larger and you can have more privacy.

Also, in a house or apartment you will find all the necessary services, such as a kitchen to be able to prepare your own food in case you and your family are traveling with a baby.

This is a point to take into consideration, in case you want to eat at home or take food with you for the day, which is sometimes the best option when traveling with children.

Where to eat in Formentera with children?

Real Playa Restaurant
For example, the restaurant Real Playa, in Es Còdol Foradat beach in Formentera, is perfect for children and families.

Another of the main advantages offered by the island is the variety of options to choose from when it comes to eating. You will find 100% Mediterranean cuisine that reflects the traditional way of life still practiced on the island.

If you are on the beach, the most usual thing to do is to eat at the beach bars located on the beach, or in local restaurants or bars. Any of them will welcome the little ones without any problem.

It is true that the prices are quite high, so our recommendation is that you take advantage of the accommodation to save money and cook there for a few days. In addition, this gives you great flexibility, especially when traveling with very young children who have specific needs.