Guardia Civil Formentera

State police unit in Formentera
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Guardia Civil Formentera

Opening hours:

The Guardia Civil headquarters in Formentera is open to the public 24 hours a day.

Phone: 971 32 20 22

☎ +34971322022


📌 Calle Venda des Brolls 7177, PM-820, Sant Francesc, Formentera

The state police force that works in the Balearic Islands (and therefore also on the island of Formentera) is the Guardia Civil. Therefore, in the event of any emergency, as well as crime management, complaints, traffic regulation and much more, this police force will be in charge of helping you.

Guardia Civil of Formentera: services and responsibilities

The Guardia Civil is the police force in charge of citizen security in Formentera, as well as in the rest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago.

The mission of the Guardia Civil, as with any other regional or state police force, is to ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as to guarantee their safety.

The Guardia Civil of Formentera is therefore in charge of the following functions on the island of Formentera:

  • Ensure compliance with current laws and regulations.
  • Assisting and protecting people
  • Ensure the conservation and custody of public and private property endangered by any cause.
  • Monitoring and protecting public buildings and facilities
  • Maintaining public order and safety
  • To prevent the commission of criminal acts
  • Investigating crimes to uncover and apprehend the culprits
  • Collaborate with civil protection services in cases of serious risk, catastrophe or public calamity.

Tasks carried out by this police force in Formentera

The Guardia Civil of Formentera is charge of:

  • Maritime control service
    • Coasts
    • Surveillance of the Natural Park
  • Traffic
    • Controls
    • Accident management

How to contact the Guardia Civil of Formentera

The Guardia Civil headquarters in Formentera are located at the entrance of Sant Francesc, the capital of Formentera.

You have the exact address in this page, as well as the contact telephone number.

Remember that in the event of an emergency it is highly recommended to call 112 directly and not the Guardia Civil, so that the emergency service activates all the necessary services at the same time (medical and/or fire brigades and/or police).


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