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Quick guide to Formentera, all the information you need to know about the island. Remember that you can get more information and access to our interactive map by visiting our directory of Formentera.
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The smallest of the Balearic Islands is a paradise located in the southernmost part of the Mediterranean, the fourth and last in extension and the least populated. Make the most of this guide to Formentera and enjoy this authentic paradise at any time of the year.

Where is Formentera

Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera
Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera

Formentera is located in the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands is an autonomous community of Spain totally insular (formed by islands) that is constituted by Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

In turn, Ibiza, Formentera and other surrounding islets are known as the Pitiusas islands.

The island of Formentera is a territory with a certain economic and political independence, and we can find several towns and cities in it. The main ones are:

  • Sant Francesc de Formentera (abbreviated as Sant Francesc) or San Francisco Javier, this is the capital
  • Sant Ferran de Ses Roques (or simply Sant Ferran)
  • Cap de Barbaria or Cape Barbaria
  • The Pilar de la Mola
  • Sa Savina or La Savina
  • Es Pujols
  • Es Caló
  • Ses Bardetes (Sant Francesc neighborhood)
  • Portossaler

The small island Formentera has the particularity of being a more or less flat island, its approximately 80 kilometers of coastline include beaches and cliffs that make it one of the most frequented islands of the Balearic Islands.

The mild climate of Formentera is around 18.6 Cº as annual average and the beauty of the island stands out for its Mediterranean forests of junipers, pines and scrub mixed with dune areas.

The first settlers of the island date back to the Bronze Age, there are also traces on the island of other cultures such as the Roman and Punic.

If you want to know more about the history of Formentera our extensive article on the history of Formentera.

What language is spoken in Formentera?

Officially, Spanish and Catalan are spoken in the Balearic Islands; however, Catalan is a variant of the Eivissenc or Formentera dialect.

Ibicenco is a dialect of common use that was generated due to the insularity of Ibiza, with expressions and words that, with the passage of time have been lost a little. One reason for this is the large number of peninsular immigrants that currently inhabit the island of Formentera. However, the locals still speak the local dialect on a very regular basis.

Books and encyclopedias are also written in Eivissenc or Ibicenco, a linguistic variety very rich in expressions of great originality, which demonstrates the cultural richness of the island of Formentera.

Since Italian tourism is very present in Formentera, you will also hear many people speaking Italian. The locals and business owners also usually speak it, as it is quite similar to Spanish and Catalan.

How to get to Formentera

Directory on Formentera 4
How to get to Formentera?

The only way to access the blue island that is Formentera is by boat. Out of season, access by boat in Formentera even allows you to take your car. In high season the entry and circulation of non-resident vehicles is limited. If you don’t want to be fined visit for more information.

To get to Formentera you must take the boat in Denia, Alicante or from the nearby island of Ibiza; the most frequent is from Ibiza, where everyone lands through Ibiza airport.

99% of the boats to Formentera leave from the maritime station, although there are other boats that leave for Formentera from Ibiza that you can take in Santa Eulalia and from the beach d’en Bossa.

Ibiza Maritime Station
Ibiza ferry station: from here you will have to connect with the ferry to Formentera.

There are several boat operating companies to Formentera and between islands, you must take into account that some boats are faster than others which influences the price of the passage.

If you want a fast boat you must take it in Ibiza at the maritime station, from there buy your ticket with:

These three companies have fast boats that will take you to Formentera in about 30 to 40 minutes.

If you are not worried about it being slow, as well as saving money, perhaps the best option would be to take the Aquabus to Formentera from the same maritime station in Ibiza.

You can also embark with this company from Santa Eulalia, from Playa d’en Bossa or from Figueretas.

And if you want to know in detail all the options to get to Formentera here we tell you step by step:

Lodging in Formentera

hotel room in formentera

Here are the best and most known hotels for your stay in Formentera. You have them in this list, we give you options for different budgets:

How to get around Formentera

Motorcycle in Formentera
The motorcycle is the favorite means of transportation in Formentera.

If you do not want to rent a car, a motorcycle or a bike, in Formentera you can get around by bus: the island has several lines for you to make complete tours.

These buses are the ones that provide the public transport service in Formentera throughout the year.

If instead you like autonomy you can rent a car, a motorcycle or a bike, there are many companies and you will surely find the ideal vehicle to move around the island as you please.

Cab Service in Formentera

Formentera Taxi
Cabs at Formentera’s maritime station

Everywhere, in every urban center you will find cab service available to any point of the island.

Taxi-boat or taxi-boat

Something very interesting is that you also have nautical cab services and private boat-taxi service at night, which guarantees a fast transfer by boat between Formentera and Ibiza at any time.

The cab boat to Formentera is a private service that can cost much more than a normal cab, a night trip can cost around 80 euros as an approximate price.

These are some of the companies that offer this type of transfers:

  • Taximar. Tlf. + 34 637 329 004
  • Flyevai. Tlf. +34 971 932962 / +34 619 990822
  • El Salao Water Taxi. +34 609 84 7116

Car rental in Formentera

Car rental in Formentera
Car rental in Formentera

You can choose the most convenient car model according to your needs, at your disposal you will find cars, vans, 4×4, automatic or electric cars.

Some recommended companies are:

  • La Mola Rent Formentera. Cars of all displacements. They are in the Port of La Savina and in the Hotel Riu La Mola, Formentera.
  • Avis. Tailor-made cars, cars and vans. Open every day, located in Vapor Manolito, local N.-5, La Savina 07870, tel. +34 628 690603.
  • Rentalcars. They offer economic prices and variety of vehicles. They are in Carrer de s’Almadrava , Local N.-14, 07870, Puerto La Savina. Telf.+04 971 34332.
  • Formentera Moto Rent. They have more than 30 years of experience and 7 offices on the island located in strategic areas of high concurrence such as La Savina and Es Pujols. They have a wide variety of cars, motorcycles and bicycles that you can rent through their website.

Motorcycle rental in Formentera

Motorcycle rental in Formentera

Motorcycles are one of the favorite means of transportation in Formentera, usually the motorcycle rental in Formentera includes two helmets and a lock.

On the island of Formentera you will find many options to rent, some recommendations are:

  • La Mola Rent Formentera
    • They are in the Port of La Savina and in the Hotel Riu La Mola, Formentera.
    • Tel. +34 971 322554.
  • Moto Rent Pujols Formentera
    • They have offices in various parts of the island, with them you can book and they take the vehicle or motorcycle to your hotel or any other place you wish.
  • Cooltra. This company offers motorcycle rentals for minutes, hours, days and months. Ideal for individuals and companies.
    • The service offers comprehensive insurance, 24/7 assistance, unlimited mileage and free cancellation.
    • They are located in La Savina, Poligon de la Savina 10 Local A. Telf. +34606827476.
  • Formotor. It offers for rent vehicles and motor scooters, its offer is covered by 6 commercial premises. These are their offices, most of them are in La Savina and the timetable is different:
    • La Savina:
      • Formotor Guillamet, in Avenida Mediterránea, N.-9 07870. Tel. +34 971322929.
      • Formotor Pick UP-Drop off, located at C/Venda des Brolls, N.- 2, 07870, Tlf. +34971322929.
      • C/Vapor Manolito, local comercial N.- 6, 07870, Puerto. Tel. +34971322929.
      • C/Almadrava N.- 11 and 13 07870. Tlf +34971322929.
      • Formotor Workshop. C/Venda des Brolls, N.- 2, 07870, Tel. +34971322929.
    • It is Caló:
      • Formotor Es Caló, Ctra. Pm_820Km 11.50 07872, Tel. +34 971 327048
  • Moto Rent Migjorn. They have four offices in the Port of La Savina, the main one is in Avenida Mediterránea, N- 2 – Esc. A – Pl. BJ – Door. 5, 07870.
    • Tel. +34 971 322306
  • La Mola Rent Formentera. They are located in La Savina and at the Hotel Riu La Mola. Tel. +34 971 322556

Bicycle Rental in Formentera

bicycle rental in formentera

If your thing is to move by bike, you will benefit from the geography of Formentera, an almost flat island apart from the ascent to the mola that gives you the best routes and the most interesting routes of one of the most visited islands as Formentera.

For short trips the bike is the ideal means of transport in Formentera, it is practical, ecological and fun.

When you are going to make a trip between the beach and your hotel, renting bicycles in Formentera is the best option.

Among the recommendations to rent a bike in Formentera you have some of the companies we mentioned before in the section of bike rental, which are the following:

  • Formentera Cycles.
  • La Mola Rent Formentera.
  • Moto Rent Migjorn
  • It’s Brolls. High-end bicycles.
  • Rentals Torres Formentera

Places to visit in Formentera

Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera
Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera

Some places in Formentera are very visited places, others not so much, but still you can not miss them, as they can be the best moment of your vacation.

Take a tour of the beaches, villages and places to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere at night. Interesting nature walks and cultural tours are also waiting for you.

Some of the must-see places in Formentera are the following.

Cap de Barbaria

Cape Barbaria lighthouse
Sunset at Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera

The area of Cap de Barbaria is one of the busiest areas of Formentera. People come here for the lighthouse of Barbaria, to see the sunset, to enter the cova foradada or to visit the Torre de Barbaria or des Garroveret.

La Mola Lighthouse

Lighthouse of La Mola, Formentera
Lighthouse of La Mola, Formentera

La Mola Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Formentera. Recently restored, it is a must-see on the island. The views from the cliffs are spectacular.

La Mola Mill

Molí Vell de la Mola, Formentera
Molí Vell de la Mola, Formentera

Near the Faro de la Mola you have the Molí Vell de la Mola, an old grain mill completely restored and declared BIC (Bien de Interés Cultural).

The charming villages of Formentera

Here begins your experience through these charming villages of Formentera Balearic Islands Spain, each one different with its history, its houses and its people.

La Savina

Promenade of La Savina, Formentera
Promenade of La Savina, Formentera

La Savina is the main port of the island of Formentera, is located in its northwesternmost part and is therefore a must for residents and visitors to enter and leave the island.

When you disembark at La Savina, you will soon realize how busy this place, which is the heart of the island’s maritime traffic, is.

Es Pujols

Es Pujols beach, Formentera
Es Pujols beach, Formentera

One of the towns of Formentera that has grown steadily in recent decades has been Es Pujols, which has become the main leisure area of the island, characterized by a booming development that consolidates it as a pole of attraction for Italian tourism.

Es Pujols is located between Playa de Llevant and Punta Prima, on the north coast of the island.
Reaching this village is very easy with the Formentera travel guide, from Sant Ferran, just turn north or follow the road that runs along the Estany Pudent.

The pillar of La Mola

La Mola Church, Formentera
La Mola Church, Formentera

Located on the plateau of La Mola, the village is one of the quietest on the island. It can be reached by following the main road heading east.

By El Pilar de la Mola passes the green route of Formentera No. 32, the longest of all, its 12 kilometers are not to be missed.

Es Caló de Sant Agustí

Es Caló dock, Formentera-4
Es Caló dock, Formentera-4

This small fishing village is located near the green route 25, its natural harbor and surroundings are places of interest for tourists and could not be missing in this tourist guide of Formentera.

Es Caló has some treasures that have been declared assets of cultural interest, they are its wooden dry docks and the Roman castellum of Can Blai.

Sant Francesc Xavier

Church of Sant Francesc, Formentera
Square and church of Sant Francesc, Formentera

We arrive at the capital of Formentera, seat of the town hall and main town of this beautiful island: we are talking about Sant Francesc Xavier.

Sant Francesc takes you back to the time of piracy: as proof of this is its church-fortress dating from 1738, is the most relevant building of all.

In Sant Francesc Xavier there is also a whole historical site that you can visit and appreciate as the Capella de Sa Tanca Vella of the thirteenth century, and known as Fossar Vell, the old cemetery, which has undergone major restoration works.

Another great tourist attraction of Sant Francesc are the mills of Sa Miranda: the Molí d’en Mateu is private and the Molí d’ en Jeroni is public access outside, both from the eighteenth century.

Sant Ferran

Sant Ferran Church, Formentera
Sant Ferran Church Square, Formentera

In the center of Formentera is Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, considered the most festive of the island: it was the epicenter in the 70s of the hippie movement of the time whose legacy the Fonda de Pepe can testify to it.

Its historic center is small and dominated by the church of 1889, declared of cultural interest in 1996, with a square that is lost by several small pedestrian streets.

What to do in Formentera?

During your stay in Formentera you can not miss the famous markets of Formentera.
These places are a great attraction, as they offer a large number of handicraft products that are highly appreciated by visitors to the island.

Shopping in Formentera: the flea markets

The following is a description of the markets that you can find in Formentera.

  • Arriving at the port of La Savina you will find a peculiar flea market, the flea market of La Savina, where you can buy clothes, jewelry and accessories for yourself or to give as a gift.
  • In Sant Francesc there are two flea markets where you can have a good time watching and choosing gifts for your family and friends, the daily flea market and the second hand flea market.
  • The craft fair of La Mola is one of the most visited for its hippie atmosphere and live music, it is undoubtedly the most famous market of Formentera. The atmosphere of the flea market makes the tour very rewarding and fun.
  • The San Ferran Art Market is a unique market, its unique works are exclusive pieces created by artists who live in Formentera and are exposed in different stands along the center of the village.
  • The Es Pujols street market is located in front of the sea and is very bustling, especially at night. This market can be visited while you take a pleasant stroll.

We have a specific page with all the markets of Formentera.

Finally, in Formentera you will find many other stores where you can buy beachwear, swimsuits and casual clothes to walk around the island with a fresh and charming hippie style.

The beach bars of Formentera

Chiringuito Saona, Formentera
Chiringuito Saona, Formentera

If you visit a beach, you can’t miss the beach bars by the sea, where you can enjoy snacks, food and drinks for the whole family. On this page you can have a look at the beach bars of Formentera.

Gastronomy of Formentera

The gastronomic offer of Formentera is very varied, the typical food based on the products of the sea is complemented with other autochthonous products, which with great creativity have given origin to its rich typical dishes.

Greixonera of Formentera
Greixonera of Formentera

The international gastronomy is also present in Formentera, the gastronomic sector is very well represented and the offer is wide and varied.

Here is a list that could not be missing in this Formentera 2022 guide, the best restaurants and places to eat on the island:

  • Molo 47, exclusive atmosphere with a spectacular view of the marina, located in La Savina is minimalist and elegant, its Asian fusion cuisine is a spectacle. High price range. Reservation +34 602 422693
  • Chezz Gerdi, an exclusive place, overlooking the sea, is one of the best restaurants, its combination is Italian and Spanish with a high price range. Located in Es Pujols. Tlf +34 648 020106.
  • Es Molì de Sal. An elegant place located in an old mill, it has a beautiful terrace, an exclusive place overlooking the sea. High price range and you must reserve, Tel. +34 971 187491.
  • Can Carlos. Very trendy, high price range, it is an elegant place where you need to book. It is located in Sant Francesc. Tel. +34 971 322874.
  • In my way, an elegant place on the road to Cala Saona, a garden with a relaxed, exclusive and romantic atmosphere. You must make a reservation. +34 971 322903.
  • Es Caló Restaurant. A classic for many years and with a large terrace, is located in Es Caló, the best proposals for fresh fish, offer tender service for boats. Book in high season. Tel. +34 971 327311.
  • Bocasalin. It has a refined atmosphere, an elegant place with excellent service, its menu is based on meats and fish. It is located in Es Pujols and has a beautiful sea view. Price range medium-high, it is advisable to book in advance. Tel. +34 971 329113.
  • La Cava, located in Es Pujols, has a colorful atmosphere, its small terrace overlooking the sea is unique, its cuisine is excellent and the proposal is typical Spanish, around average prices and does not accept telephone reservations, when you arrive they put you on a waiting list. Tel. +34 971 328296.
  • Carmen By Blanco Hotel. It is located in es Pujols, inside the Hotel Blanco, Mediterranean cuisine, has a bright terrace, is located in a medium price range.
  • Casanita. Good food, excellent combinations and fresh products. It is located in Es Pujols and its prices are in the medium-high range. Tel. +34 679217310.
  • La Mariterranea, here they are specialists in paellas, excellent service and quality. Reservations required, Tel. +34 674 274298.
  • Ca na Pepa. A place with a nice internal garden, its menu is fresh and the pastas are excellent, the desserts deserve a special mention. Its price range is high. Tel. +34 971 328033.
  • Fonda Pepe. A popular place that has a history of tradition in Formentera, it is a place where you have to queue for a table, but it is worth it for its relaxed and informal atmosphere. Medium-low price range. Tel. + 34 971 328033.

  • Pelayo
    . Half restaurant and half beach bar. A place of relaxed atmosphere in Migjorn Beach, its fame is due to the Sunday paella prepared by a whole team for about 200 people. It is a lively atmosphere not to be missed. Medium-low price range. For reservations + 34 669 984008.
  • Flipper Chiringuito Beach Club is a cozy place where you can enjoy Mediterranean food and tapas. Located in Migjorn, you can sit at the table and watch the splendid sea. Medium-high price range. Reservations at Tel. +34 971 18 75 96.
  • S’Abeurada de Can Simonet, a place to enjoy excellent dishes, generous portions and succulent food. They are in Sant Francesc Xavier and the price range is medium-low. Reservations are required by calling +34 971 323 62.
  • Sol y Luna Restaurant. It is located on the old road to La Mola, the food is Mediterranean type, if you are near the beach of Migjorn in the area of Ca Marí is the ideal place to go to eat. The prices are in the mid-range and the service is excellent. Tel. +34 629 04 02 65.
  • Quimera Restaurant. In La Savina is located this restaurant of exquisite food, with a quiet and cozy atmosphere. To spend a very pleasant meal with the family, musical atmosphere. Tel. +34 971 322279.
  • Quartieri Spagnoli. An excellent pizzeria located in Sant Ferran. Excellent pizzas from their Neapolitan chef, pleasant atmosphere. Medium price range. Reservations recommended at Tel: +34 609-415350.
  • Can Rafalet, is located in Es Calò, another restaurant that has been in Formentera for many years. The Mediterranean food is excellent. It has a terrace with a beautiful view of the island. Reservations at Tel. +34.971327077.

For the history buffs: Prehistoric settlements of Formentera

For fans of archaeology this is first class: finding this type of prehistoric settlements in Formentera is a journey into the past, as it translates into a whole revelation about the settlement of Formentera in the late Neolithic period.

The settlements of Formentera date from 2,000 BC to 1,600 BC, and are among the oldest in the Balearic Islands.

Discoveries that began in the 1970s that provide evidence of prehistoric communities include the following.

Ca Na Costa

Megalithic tomb (for burials) located in the municipality of Es Pujols. Eight bodies of two women and six men, remains of pottery, weapons and other objects were found. This settlement demonstrates the skills and advances in calculations, measurements, and social organization that already existed on the island 3,000 years ago. Its radial structure has popularized it as “the clock” or “es rellotje”.

Prehistoric huts of Barbaria

These prehistoric settlement sites were discovered almost at the same time as those of Cova des Fum and Ca Na Costa.

There are three settlements, Cap de Barbaria I, II and III. There are others near La Mola such as Es Ram and Sa Cala, and smaller ones in Can Marroig and Punta Prima, but not as relevant as these and not yet excavated.

The huts of Barbaria are constructions for lodging and shelter that housed about 15 individuals, with functional spaces for rest and for animals, which were erected during the Early Bronze Age.

La Cova des Fum

It is located in the cliffs of La Mola, it is a cave of difficult access where human bones and ritual burials have been found.

Remains of a prehistoric hearth have also been found with pieces of pottery, metals and weapons dating from the Copper Age to the Middle Ages.

These findings demonstrate how these permanent human settlements occurred on the island of Formentera and how they adapted to this part of the Balearic archipelago.

Visiting the beaches of Formentera

beaches of formentera2

One of the main motivations of tourists in Formentera are the island’s beaches. Some of the beaches of Formentera are a must, you must visit and enjoy these beaches of Formentera if you visit the island.

For this you have this guide with the beaches of Formentera, being the area of Playa de Illetas and Playa de Levante considered the best beaches of Formentera.

Illetas or Ses Illetas is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, pride of Formentera, this beach is located within the Natural Park Ses Salines.

Some beaches of Formentera

Other services in Formentera

Formentera offers you a safe and unforgettable vacation, you can walk calm and confident that all the services you need are covered in this small island, in case you need it, in this guide of Formentera we leave you a list with ATM, pharmacies and more.

Automatic teller machines

Bancha March Sant Francesc Automatic Teller Machine
Bancha March Sant Francesc Automatic Teller Machine

In this guide you can find a complete and geolocated list of ATMs on the island.

You can see the list by visiting our ATM directory.


Pharmacy es Pujols, Formentera
Pharmacy es Pujols, Formentera

On our website we have added a complete and geolocated list of pharmacies on the island.

You can see the list by visiting our directory of pharmacies in Formentera.


Supermarket Es Basic Sant Ferran
Supermarket Es Basic Sant Ferran

We have also added all the supermarkets of the island in our directory, which are here: supermarkets in Formentera.

Gas stations

Repsol Sant Ferran Gas Station
Repsol Sant Ferran Gas Station

If you rent a motorcycle or a car in Formentera, you must fill up the tank!

Here you can find the gas stations of Formentera on the map: gas stations map in Formentera