Sailing in Formentera

Do you know where to sail in Formentera? On this page we give you some advice: best season, places, schools...
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Do you want to know where you can practice sailing in Formentera? On this page we indicate the sites and schools, so you can know everything about sailing in Formentera. With the development of technology and the invention of motor boats, sailing went from being a means of transportation to becoming one of the most attractive and recreational sports of our era.

Whether you want to practice sailing in Formentera, as a way of leisure or to prepare to compete in a regatta, it is good to know what time of year you can do it to improve your skills.

What is the ideal weather for sailing in Formentera?

In Formentera the winds tend to be from the east almost all year round, being in winter when the wind blows more frequently.

However, the best season for sailing in Formentera is from September/October to March/April. At that time is when there are fewer bathers, boats and visitors, and therefore, in addition to more and better wind, is when you will have the beaches more at your disposal to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Sailing Schools in Formentera

Formentera is a good place to practice this water sport par excellence, since it has a very particular geography. Its waves and wind allow you to enjoy this exercise, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

There are three places where you can go to experience this exciting sport.

Wet4Fun Center

This nautical sports center offers a wide variety of water sports in Formentera. Apart from offering sailing courses for beginners and sailboat rentals, it also stands out for organizing amazing excursions and nautical events.

The excursions are guided tours that will take you to places in Formentera where you can only access by sea.

This way you can get on a catamaran without any sailing experience, as the excursion incorporates a multilingual guide who will drive the sailboat.

Municipal Sailing School

To practice sailing in Formentera, this facility of the Centro Náutico Formentera has all the essentials for this fun sport. This is the municipal sailing school of Formentera.

The municipal sailing school offers courses for the whole family, for beginners and even for people who already have an advanced level in the control of a sailboat.

You also have the option of renting a small sailboat to sail independently.