Formentera in winter

What can you do in Formentera in winter?

Is it worth visiting Formentera in winter?

In this page we explain what to do in Formentera in winter.

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Visiting Formentera in winter is possible and a great idea.

More and more visitors are coming to the island out of season to enjoy its paradisiacal beaches without the summer crowds.

During the winter months you will not find queues, nor will you have the inconvenience of mass tourism in summer.

You will also have no limitations to access any place, as opposed to the high season, when, due to overcrowding, some places are regulated (for example, access to Illetas or Cap de Barbaria).

This way, in winter you can get to know Formentera almost in privacy and enjoy its idyllic landscapes in a different way.

Is the island of Formentera worthwhile in winter?

Winter beach in Formentera
Formentera’s beach in winter, totally empty

Currently, the tourist activity in Formentera does not stop once the summer is over. On the contrary, a large number of businesses remain open.

So, if you come to the island of Formentera in winter you will have access to a wide range of experiences that will make your stay on the island unforgettable.

In line with this trend of wanting to spread tourism throughout the year and not only in summer, the Balearic Government promotes the arrival of tourists to Formentera in winter.

Specifically, the idea is to turn the sector around to increase off-season activity and reduce visitor arrivals in summer.

The aim of this program is to achieve balance in tourist arrivals and escape from summer overcrowding, a plan launched by the Balearic Tourism Agency in 2017.

Even so, there are still restaurants and accommodations that remain closed during the winter months, but far fewer than 10 years ago.

How to get to Formentera in winter?

Illetas beach in winter in Formentera
Illetas beach in winter in Formentera, totally empty.

The island of Formentera has no airport, so it can only be reached by sea. In winter, boat frequencies are reduced, so keep this in mind when traveling.

The most common way to get to Formentera is to fly to Ibiza and then take a boat to the island. The duration of this boat trip is between half an hour and fifty minutes, depending on the boat.

Another option is to travel by ferry directly from Palma de Mallorca, but the distance is greater than in the first case.

There is also a direct boat to Formentera from Denia, in Alicante, but this line is only operative during the summer season and part of spring and autumn. Make sure that the ferry Formentera-Denia is in operation during the time you want to visit Formentera. Also, you can take a ferry all year round, with a stopover in Ibiza, from Barcelona and Valencia.

One advantage of traveling by ferry from the mainland is that you can transport your car, which will simplify getting around the island. Although vehicle access to the island is limited in summer, in the winter months, cars are allowed to enter freely.

If you want more information take a look at our page on how to get to Formentera.

Where to stay in Formentera in winter?

Every season, more and more tourist businesses in Formentera are opening outside the summer season. So, you will have no problem finding a place to stay.

In winter, in Formentera, you will find fewer hotels and apartment complexes open compared to the summer, but nevertheless you can still enjoy a great vacation in a paradisiacal environment and totally empty of tourists.

Another possibility is to rent an apartment for tourist use to individuals. Although most of them close in winter, you are sure to find some on the most popular platforms.

What to do in Formentera in winter?

If you thought that Formentera was only for the summer, let us tell you that you are totally wrong. Formentera in winter offers opportunities and activities that would be impossible to do during high season. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Enjoying its beaches

Undoubtedly, the first thing you have to see in Formentera are its beaches, and this is also valid for the winter months.

Thanks to the mild climate of the island, you can enjoy its coves of fine sand and turquoise waters also at this time of the year. Perhaps the water will be cooler compared to other times of the year, but the bravest or those who are used to cold water (for example if you live on the Atlantic coast) can take a dip without problems.

The great advantage of visiting the beaches of Formentera in winter is that you will not find anyone on them.

Have a drink at its beach bars

In all the main beaches of the island there are beach bars that by law must offer service all year round, which means that you will also find them open in winter.

If you want to see the beach bars that you have at your disposal in Formentera you can take a look at our page about the beach bars of Formentera.

These establishments are a great option for watching the beautiful sunset and sunset, especially on the west-facing beaches.

Visiting the environment

Natural environment in winter in Formentera
Take the opportunity to walk and visit the surroundings of Formentera.

In addition to its coves and beaches, Formentera has a lot of interesting places to visit.

Many of these places are part of the Ses Salines Natural Park, which covers 3,000 hectares of land and 13,000 marine hectares, and extends through the south of Ibiza and the north of Formentera.

You can not miss the ancient salt ponds with a great natural wealth. Some of the best beaches of the island are in this protected area.

If you want to enjoy the underwater life, another thing to do in Formentera in winter is to dive to see the meadows of Posidonia oceanica, an aquatic plant that forms large areas under the waters of Formentera and also enjoy the marine fauna of the island.

Posidonia settles the soil, which prevents the water from becoming muddy or sediment from rising in the event of storms. That is why the waters of Formentera are so clean and have that emblematic turquoise color.

In winter, prices are more economical

Arriving in Formentera in winter can even be a plus to enjoy the island, and one of the attractions of visiting Formentera in winter or out of season is that prices are reduced considerably.

This drop in prices affects accommodation, car rental and other tourist services available.

The same happens with some sports such as sailing, mountain biking, or scuba diving: in winter it is more economical to practice them, and the prices of equipment rental can be substantially cheaper than in summer.

The best beaches of Formentera to see in winter

Visiting the coves and sandy beaches of the island, practically deserted at this time of the year, is one of the best things to do in Formentera in winter.

Levante beach in winter in Formentera
Levante beach in winter in Formentera

Among the best beaches on the island to visit at this time of the year:

  • Caló des Mort
    It is a very small cove, with only 20 meters long. It is located in an area of sandstone cliffs, typical of this part of the island. You can visit it by taking a walk along the coast.

  • S’Alga Beach
    In the islet of Espalmador and within the Natural Park of Ses Salines, where movement is restricted. It is practically virgin and has no services. In winter you can take the opportunity to visit the Espalmador Island and the Sa Guardiola Watchtower.

  • Ses Xalanes Beach
    It is a very crowded sandy beach. It is located in the area of Illetas, where some of the best coves of the island are located. It is part of the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

  • Illetas Beach
    It is attached to the previous one, to the north, and is also one of the most popular. One of its attractions is the pink color of its sands.

  • Beach of Cala Saona
    It is in the west zone of the island, and it is one of the most endearing. It is the place chosen by many islanders to go to the beach.

  • Levante Beach
    It is the biggest beach of Formentera, and in winter it is an authentic delight to walk along the sandy beaches totally empty of tourists.

The places to explore in winter in Formentera

Es Caló wharf in Formentera
Es Caló wharf in winter, Formentera

After visiting the beaches, you can also get lost in the island by motorcycle. It is one of the best ways to get to know Formentera.

Among the most striking buildings on the island are the windmills, six of which are preserved. Of them, you can’t miss:

  • Molí Vell de la Mola
    It is the best known, built in 1778, was active until the 60s of the twentieth century. In addition, it maintains its original machinery and you can visit its interior.

  • Molí d’en Jeroni
    It was built in 1760. It has been restored, but it is not possible to visit the interior as it is private property.

  • Molí d’en Mateu
    In the vicinity of the previous one and also restored, but you can only see it from the street. The two previous mills together are known as Molinos de sa Miranda.

Among the places you can not miss in Formentera in winter, are its small villages, where the pier of Es caló de Sant Agustí stands out.

On the other hand, don’t forget to make a stop in the three historical centers of the main towns of Formentera:

  • Sant Francesc Xavier. Administrative capital of the island. In this site we can find the “Capella de Sa Tanca Vella” (1336).
    It is the oldest religious building on the island, a simple vaulted building.
    Later (1738), the local church was built, which is the oldest of the three on the island. It also had defensive functions.
  • Sant Ferran de ses Roques: It treasures in its square a small church that is later (1853).
  • El Pilar de la Mola: One of the best known areas, it has a church, built in 1784. A beautiful building with porch and built following the typical lines of the island.

Where to see the best landscapes

Ses Salines Natural Park in winter in Formentera
Natural Park of Ses Salines (Formentera) in winter

Among the corners from where you will see the best landscapes of Formentera in winter, are the three lighthouses and five towers of the island. Some of the best known and most visited are:

  • Lighthouse of Cap Barbaria: It became famous after appearing in the movie “Lucia and sex”. It receives so many visitors that access is limited in summer.
    It has great views, but its interior is not accessible.
  • Lighthouse of La Mola. It is one of the most attractive places on the island. It is located on a cliff over a hundred meters high and is the oldest lighthouse on the island.
  • Sa Gavina Tower: It is located at the westernmost point of Formentera, on the point of the same name.
    From the tower you will enjoy breathtaking views of Ibiza and the islet of Es Vedrá. It is surrounded by a very rich natural environment that is worth visiting in winter, taking advantage of the cooler weather.
  • Defense tower at Punta Prima. It stands in the area of Es Pujols and is a great place to watch the sunrise.
    It has privileged views of Ibiza and La Mola, as well as the entire coast of Es Carnatge and Tramuntana of the island of Formentera itself.
  • Es Trucadors. The northernmost coast of Illetas in winter offers magnificent views of Ibiza and you can walk and stroll without worrying about the heat.

Two other points of interest for their scenic beauty are the lagoons:

  • Estany des Peix: It is a small lagoon connected to the sea by a small mouth that allows the passage of small boats. It is located near the port of La Savina to the west. It is common for boats to be anchored in the area.
  • L’estany Pudent : Located north of Formentera is a lagoon of 3.5 square kilometers and 4 meters deep. You will find it between La Savina and Es Pujols. Formerly, it was also known as Flamingo Pond precisely because of the abundance of this bird in the area.

Winter sunsets in Formentera

Sunset at Cala Saona, Formentera
Sunset at Cala Saona, Formentera

The autumn and winter season can offer great sunsets, extremely beautiful. The best places to watch the sunset, for obvious reasons, are those that face west.

Two of the places usually chosen to see the sunset are Cala Saona and, in its vicinity, Punta Rasa, which is the most westerly place on the island.

You can also choose a beach bar, to watch the sunset in a comfortable environment, with a drink and music.

The restaurants in the area of Ses Illetes are the most common to see the sunset in summer, but in winter they are closed. That is why two options chosen by locals to watch the sunset are two kiosks located in the Migjorn area:

  • Kiosk 62. It is one of the usual meeting points for residents of the island of Formentera.
  • Piratabus. You can enjoy a mojito while watching the sunset.

Another unique place to watch the sunset is Can Marroig, a large public lot where you can have a picnic and enjoy the sunset.

Also impressive are the images left by the sunset at the Torre de sa Gavina or at the viewpoint of La Mola.

Sports and outdoors:
perfect for Formentera in winter

Roman road from es caló to la Mola, Formentera
Roman road from Es Caló to la Mola, Formentera

Visiting Formentera in winter is a unique opportunity to practice sports in an incomparable natural setting. The advantage of visiting Formentera in winter, if you are sporty, is that you can enjoy your favorite activity without worrying about tourists, traffic, noise and best of all, without the oppressive heat.

Here are some options:

  • Hiking and trails: On the Island there are 32 green routes through a set of intertwined trails totaling more than 100 kilometers. These routes are a great opportunity to get lost in nature and discover the secrets of the island while hiking or mountain biking.
  • Scuba diving: One of the most original places to practice it are the Punta Rasa Caves, located at the base of some impressive cliffs. They are 12 meters deep. Other great spots are the artificial reef of La Mariana, popularly known as La plataforma, and El Arco.
  • Kite Surf: The practice of this sport is regulated to make it compatible with bathing and the presence of tourism, so that in winter it is allowed and therefore it is the perfect time to kite surf in Formentera.

Markets: in winter only a few

Second hand flea market in Sant Francesc, Formentera
Second hand flea market in Sant Francesc, Formentera

The famous handicraft and hippie markets of Formentera close in winter, they are only open until October.

However, the market that is active all year round is the second hand market of Sant Francesc.

In addition, if you visit the island in December you will have the opportunity to visit the Christmas market of local artisan products.

In addition, throughout the year, and also in winter, there are exhibitions, workshops, cultural activities such as music and dance, as well as initiatives especially designed for children. You can consult the cultural agenda of Formentera for more information.