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Accomodation in Formentera

In our extensive range of accommodations in Formentera, you will find the perfect refuge to immerse yourself in the magic of this Mediterranean island.

From charming hotels to cozy rural houses, each option has been meticulously selected to offer you an unforgettable stay.

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Places in the category: Accomodation in Formentera

Luxury accommodation with spa, gym and restaurant in Es Pujols.
Hostal with simple amenities and easy access to Sant Ferran's services.
Accommodation in Es Pujols with luxury suites and private pool.


Cosy house renovated as a villa near the salt lakes of Formentera
Accommodation with 8 rustic suites in Es Pujols.


Exclusive mediterranean botique hotel on the coast of Migjorn
Accommodation in Sant Ferran with swimming pool and many beaches nearby.
Simple familiar hotel in front of the harbour of la Savina


Traditional houses in the middle of the natural park
Hotel with around 60 rooms, close to the beach of Es Pujols.


Great hotel on the coast of Migjorn, Formentera


Mediterranean style house/hotel on the beachfront of Es Arenals, Migjorn


Classic beach hotel on the coast of Migjorn
Hostal with 26 rooms and an Italian restaurant, overlooking the sea.
Appartments with swimming pool in Es Pujols, Formentera
Bungalow complex on a cliff with views near Es Pujols.
Modern and minimalist 4 star hotel in Es Pujols
Simple and warm hotel in front of the beach in Es Pujols

Formentera, with its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, is the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation. By choosing one of our accommodations in Formentera, you will immerse yourself in the essence of the island, where tranquility blends with authenticity.

Wake up to the gentle sound of the Mediterranean Sea and let yourself be carried away by the magic of this Mediterranean paradise. Explore the diversity of accommodations that Formentera offers, from hotels with panoramic views to charming seaside houses.

The accommodations in Formentera that we have selected provide you with the opportunity to customize your experience, adapting it to your preferences and needs. Experience the island in a unique way by choosing the accommodation that best suits your style and enjoy the comfort of your own island retreat. Every corner of Formentera tells a story, and our accommodations are the gateway to this narrative. All accommodations in Formentera offer comfort and luxury, but you will also immerse yourself in the culture and authenticity that make this island such a special destination.

Remember that on our page of accommodations in Formentera, where you can filter by type and features, you can find the accommodation you need.

Book your accommodation in Formentera now and let your Formentera vacation become an unforgettable chapter in your travel story. We await you with open arms on this unique island where each accommodation is a gateway to paradise!