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Formentera is much more than sun and sand! If you are interested in archaeology, Formentera has several archaeological excavations dating back to the Bronze Age (4.000 years ago). Here you will find them.

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Formentera’s rich history unfolds through its archaeological excavations, revealing the tales of ancient civilizations and the settlers that lived in Formentera thousand of years ago.

Explore our directory showcasing these historical treasures scattered across the island. Delve into remnants of past civilizations, from ancient settlements to historic ruins.

If you are interested in a bit more than in beaches and flea markets while your holidays in Formentera, here you will be able to uncover the island’s archaeological narrative, tracing its roots through various excavations that uncover artifacts, tombs, and remnants of ancestral life.

From the prehistoric sites located in Cap de Barbaria, to Roman remains, our comprehensive list presents a journey through time, offering insights into the island’s captivating past. Discover the remnants of Formentera’s diverse cultural heritage and explore these archaeological wonders through our directory, guiding history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.