Formentera’s sustainable tourism model

Church of Sant Francesc, Formentera

The tourism sector worldwide seeks to minimize the negative impacts that may be generated on the environment and in Formentera precisely it seeks to promote this type of tourism, promoting both the satisfaction of the tourist receiving communities and the tourists themselves. It is along these lines that the new 2021/2022 Tourism Reactivation Plan has been designed.

What does the 21/22 Tourism Reactivation and Promotion Plan consist of?

The tourism reactivation plan in Formentera seeks to promote the reactivation of the sector after COVID by focusing on the territory and sustainability. The main objective is also to provide maximum security to tourists in 2021 in the face of the limitations of COVID-19.

The model proposed is committed to a sustainable Formentera. The idea is that there is sustainable mobility, tourism is reactivated, heritage and culture are protected, respecting social balance, environmental protection and economic improvement.

How will the COVID crisis be dealt with?

The plan foresees, in the face of the global health crisis, adapting, extending and establishing the necessary measures to protect citizens and tourists. This will be done from various areas, such as economic, tax and social.


As far as mobility is concerned, the aim is to generate sustainable mobility, where the limitation of both vehicles and maritime vessels is carried out to avoid unnecessary overcrowding. A clear example is seen in the project, which highlights the need to limit circulation to reduce the carbon footprint.

What improvements will this model bring?

Some of the benefits that this model will bring is wanting to reactivate commerce, especially artisanal and street sales. Likewise, it seeks to promote businesses and protect the merchant through new economic and tax measures.

COVID aid continues

Throughout the winter and early spring, aid has been granted to businesses, families, or for rent. This without failing to take into account the most vulnerable people in these times of pandemic. For this, social services are guaranteeing this right by processing the corresponding requests for Extraordinary Covid-19 Guaranteed Social Income, as well as the Minimum Insertion Income.

Within the tourism reactivation model, it is also contemplated to serve all possible sectors, from the primary sector, renewable energies, housing and works, promoting pilot projects that help promote tourism.

Likewise, it seeks to improve the public transportation service, implementing new contracts, with new buses that adapt to the island and to people with reduced mobility.

Tourism is Formentera’s main industry, therefore this project seeks to stimulate other economies such as fishing, livestock, agriculture and crafts. To achieve this, it is necessary for tourism to be respectful of the environment, and to provide a quality of life to the inhabitants of this island that is lasting and sustainable over time.

More information: Consell de Formentera

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