Sa Torreta Beach

Beach in Espalmador
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Sa Torreta Beach

Quick information about this beach:

  • Length: 400m
  • Amplitude: 10m
  • Orientation: West/Southwest
  • Type: Dunar
  • Nudism: Frequent
  • Posidonia: Not removed
  • Occupancy: Very low

Services available:


Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:

There are none


📌 Island of Espalmador

Sa Torreta de Espalmador beach

Sa Torreta beach is the second largest beach on the island of Espalmador, and offers a totally unspoiled environment and very calm, transparent waters.

It is a rarely occupied beach, as access to it requires a boat and navigating a narrow pass to access the bay.

Description of sa Torreta Beach

Sa Torreta beach is the second largest bay on the island of Espalmador, facing west/southwest. The beach is an uninterrupted sandy area of more than 400 meters long, where you can enjoy a very quiet day at the beach, practically deserted, in a very undisturbed environment.

Beach without services

Because it is in a protected environment, the beach of sa Torreta, as is the case with the neighboring beach of s’Alga, does not have any type of service available.

Therefore, if you are going to spend the day in Espalmador, it is mandatory that you take with you water and food for the whole day.

Transparent and very calm waters

The waters of the beach of sa Torreta are very transparent and are always very calm, even more so than in the case of Playa de s’Alga beach. The reason is that the beach is protected by the illa de Sa Torreta, practically closed to the sea. This means that the swell practically does not enter this bay and the waters are very stagnant.

Where does your name come from?

The name of the beach of Sa Torreta comes from the island that protects the bay, which is called “Illa de Sa Torreta”. There is written documentation that during the period of repopulation of Formentera, a watchtower was built to control the passage of ships between Formentera and Ibiza, and although this tower has disappeared (later on, a new one was built to control the passage of ships between Ibiza and Formentera), it is still standing. Sa Guardiola Tower a few meters from there), the islet began to be called that way.

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