Sa Guardiola Tower

Defense tower in Espalmador Island
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Tower of Sa Guardiola, Espalmador island, Formentera


📌 Island of Espalmador, Formentera

The tower of Sa Guardiola is the first of the five defense towers that were built on Formentera in the eighteenth century to protect the island from bandit raids. In this way, they wanted to lay the foundations for a definitive repopulation of the island.

Sa Guardiola Tower, Espalmador

Being the first of the five towers that were built in Formentera during the eighteenth century, it has some characteristics that make it unique from the others.

The Sa Guardiola Tower was designed to prevent the passage of enemy ships between Ibiza and Formentera, by means of the crossfire of this tower with the tower of ses Portes, on the island of Ibiza.

The tower of Sa Guardiola is the one you see from the boat that takes you to Formentera from Ibiza.

History of the Tower of Sa Guardiola

As we have said, the tower of Sa Guardiola was the first of the five defense towers that were built in Formentera. However, there are already vestiges of other defense systems in Espalmador, for example the turret on the island of Porcs (now disappeared but of which there are written records).

As for the tower of Sa Guardiola, in 1750 its construction was already finished and armed with cannons .

From the beginning, this tower had regular service personnel assigned by the Balearic government. It was in operation until 1867, when it had two bullfighters assigned to serve in this location: Marià Roig Yern and Josep Guasch Marí.

It was declared of cultural interest in 1949 and restored in 1993.

How to get to the Tower of Sa Guardiola

To reach the tower of Sa Guardiola you need a boat to take you to the island of Espalmador and walk at least 20 minutes. Remember that in Espalmador there are two private homes that you cannot enter if you want to visit the tower.

Other towers of Formentera

The other four defense towers of Formentera are:

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