A turtle tries to lay its eggs in Migjorn

Panoramic view of Migjorn Beach, Formentera

Formentera has not stopped being in the news in recent months. Although until now most of the issues were related to the concession of beach bars on the different beaches of the island, this time it is a turtle that has caught everyone’s attention.

It is most certainly a sea turtle of the species Caretta caretta, a species that we were able to see on June 20 on Migjorn beach. A worker from a hotel located nearby was the first to notice the presence of the animal, but it was finally a lifeguard from the Formentera Council who called 112. The sighting protocol was quickly activated so that the technicians of Environment and the Beach Lifeguard and Rescue Service could mark the area to prevent people from approaching the nests.

On the morning of the 21st, after going to check if there were eggs in the nests, it was discovered that they were empty. And the turtle has returned to the sea twice without being able to lay eggs. At the moment, the area remains cordoned off in case the animal decides to lay its eggs.

What to do if you find a turtle in Formentera

We remember that in July 2021, there was another spawning attempt in a very close area, on the es Ca Marí beach. However, it is believed that the presence of a person who wanted to record made the animal uncomfortable, causing it to return to the sea. It is vitally important that, in such a case, you do not disturb the turtles and avoid turning on the lights or doing any type of gesture or activity within 10 meters. Likewise, it is necessary to call 112 if another specimen of Caretta caretta is detected trying to spawn.

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