Es Racó de Sa Pujada

Small cove in Formentera
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Quick information about this cove:

  • Length: 20m
  • Amplitude: 5m
  • Orientation: North
  • Type: Sand/Rock
  • Nudism: Frequent
  • Posidonia: Not removed
  • Occupancy: Very low

Services available:


Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:

There are none


📌 Acantilados este de Es Caló

Es Racó de Sa Pujada Cove

The cove of Es Racó de Sa Pujada is located between the cliffs east of Es Caló and is only accessible by boat or swimming. That is why it is a place that few privileged people have the pleasure of visiting. Here we will explain how to get to the cove and what it is like.

Description of this cove of Formentera

The cove known as Es Racó de sa Pujada (could be translated like cove of the corner of the climb) owes its name to the fact that the old road that connected the village of Es Caló with El Pilar de la Mola (known as the Roman Road of Formentera) passes through the top of the cliff.

The cove is located in a very narrow north-facing corner that cannot be reached on foot because the cliffs (vertical walls) reach down to the water. As it is surrounded by large walls and face north, the sun only shines on this cove of Formentera during the hours closest to midday.

Although it may seem that this cove is empty most of the time, in reality there are many boats anchoring nearby and therefore crew members disembark in the cove very often to spend a few minutes there.

As a curiosity, right next to the cove, on its west side, there is a very large cave which is possible to enter with a boat.

Of course, being a totally virgin and unaltered cove, the posidonia is not removed and depending on the year and how the currents have moved you can find more or less posidonia accumulated in the sand.

Remember also that you should not pile stones if you visit this cove of Formentera.

How to get to Es Racó de Sa Pujada Cove

As we have said, you have two options to be able to step on the sand of this cove:

  1. Using a boat. If you have a boat you can get close to the cove and reach it with a small support boat.
  2. Swimming. You can walk practically to the cliff behind the cove on the west side, crossing the area known as “Racó de Ses Pedreres” (corner of the quarries). When you get there you must leave your backpack with your things on the rocks, jump into the water and swim about 200 meters.

We recommend that if you decide to access the cove swimming you should be in good shape and keep in mind that there may be jellyfish along the way, so do it at your own risk.

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