Sant Francesc Pharmacy

Pharmacy in Sant Francesc
Pharmacy Sant Francesc, Formentera

Quick info:

Opening hours:
Summer: 9h – 22h (Saturday 9h – 15h)
Winter: 9h – 14h and 16h – 20h (Saturday 9h – 14h)


Pharmacy Sant Francesc, Formentera

The Sant Francesc Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy in Formentera and therefore it is always quite crowded.

Sant Francesc Pharmacy opening hours

The Sant Francesc pharmacy has different opening hours depending on the season.

The schedules are:

Summer: 9h – 22h (Saturday 9h – 15h)
Winter: 9h – 14h and 16h – 20h (Saturday 9h – 14h)

Where is this pharmacy

This pharmacy is located in the center of Sant Francesc, in front of the bus stop and in front of the Eroski Formentera supermarket .

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