Formentera gives an extension in 2022 to the old beach bars

Kiosko Bartolo Formentera

After more than a month and a half of uncertainty due to the renewal of the concessions of the beach businesses of Formentera in favor of foreign companies, which left all the family businessmen on the island in the lurch, and after two of the companies affected will present an appeal to be able to paralyze it last May, we have learned that the kiosks will continue to provide service this summer, with the help of the current concessionaires.

Extension of one more season

This news has been extremely well received by the islanders, since after a large number of allegations presented, as well as two administrative disputes in the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands, they have managed to stop or, rather, slow down, the new contracts process. In fact, there will be 8 total establishments that will be able to operate with the same management of the businessmen who have done so over recent years.

The wait has been long and it seems that the protests made by the family businesses of Formentera have borne fruit. These were born in response to the results of the island’s beach concessions, in favor of much larger foreign companies with greater capital, which made it impossible for the previous businesses to revalidate their concessions.

The idea is to be able to provide continuity in the provision of the service to the businessmen and businesswomen who currently have the concessions, since the extension seems impossible, since said concessions had expired. Today, after weeks of uncertainty, we can see how the beach bars that had to be dismantled at the end of December are being reassembled to be able to open during the summer. The same thing happens with the umbrella and hammock consessions, as well as the sailing schools, which are in the same group and are already providing service due to the little infrastructure they need. This has been possible thanks to the extension of service that 6 of the former beach bars concessionaires have joined for this season. This extension is the response to the stalled process and the failure to grant concessions, caused by the more than 60 allegations and the two contentious administrative appeals previously mentioned.

What will happen in the 2023 season?

The current owners of the concessions do not plan to give up and are clear that the result is not yet firm and anything can happen. They affirm that they are going to fight until the end to be able to give a future to their children and continue with these family traditions, which do not involve large companies or large capital, but rather an experience and a commitment that goes far beyond a mere and simple job.

We will be attentive to any news that may come out in relation to the extension of the concessions and their new granting, to see if the tourism business model of the island of Formentera is really in the hands of foreign companies, or if there is still hope for those who have been in charge of providing services on the island for decades.

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