Formentera 2024 beach bars: which ones will they be?

Chiringuito Saona, Formentera

As we previously explained to you on the blog, in 2022 a new tender was put out for Formentera beach bars, which, given the technical characteristics of said tender, meant that none of the previous teams could renew the license.

Formentera beach bars change for 2024

The main reason that none of the companies that ran the beach bars for years was that in the design of the conditions to obtain a license, for the first time the price of the license was not fixed but free, that is, the company with the highest financial contribution made, obtained a higher score in that aspect. In addition to the financial contribution, aspects such as staff training and the environmental part were also scored, but the financial contribution weighed so much in the final score that all the former beach bar managers (self-employed people and small businesses) were unable to match the financial offers presented by other competitors with much more economic power.

The loss of these concessions by the beach bar operators who had worked there for decades even reached the courts.

COVID-19 caused the concessions to be extended for 2 more years, in 2022 and 2023, but now in 2024 the new companies will begin operating.

In other words: all the beach bars that we have on our Formentera Beach Bars page are going to disappear and be replaced by other concessions managed by other companies and management teams totally different from those that existed until now.

What will be the new beach bars?

We don’t know yet. As soon as we have names of the new chiringuitos and beach bars and we have managed to take photos of them, we will update our page about the beach bars in Formentera and publish all the information on the website.

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