Chiringuito Pelayo

Chiringuito in Es Mal Pas, Migjorn
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Every day:
From 12:00h to sunset


Chiringuito Pelayo Migjorn

The Chiringuito Pelayo, although it is called chiringuito, is also a restaurant. In fact, you can use any adjective you want and no one will get mad at you.

Even the Pelayo’s management does not care how they are described, whether as a kiosk, a beach bar or a restaurant. What does matter to the owners is that customers are comfortable, offer simple and quality dishes and that when you leave the Pelayo on the road or on the beach you leave happy and with a smile on your face.

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Total peace of mind

The Pelayo is located in one of the least crowded areas of Formentera, on the beach of Es Mal Pas de Migjorn, in the westernmost part of Migjorn. The access road in its final stretch is not asphalted and certain areas are in poor condition, although all vehicles can access without problems. There is a parking lot for cars and motorcycles. The restaurant also has a beach entrance.

A restaurant in the middle of a forest

El Pelayo is located in the middle of a forest of pine trees and huge saps, which offer shade and shelter in the hottest hours of the day. Although there is plenty of room for diners, at peak times it can be difficult to find a free table.

Community Paellas on Sundays

Every Sunday the Pelayo organizes a communal paella for those customers who enjoy the spectacle of cooking paella for several dozen people. Make sure you have a place and call to make a reservation!


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