Es Pujols flea market

Flea market in Es Pujols
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Every day:
From 20.00h to 1.00h


📌 Av Miramar S/N, 07871 Es Pujols, Formentera

Es Pujols flea market: in front of the sea

The Es Pujols Market brings together every night on the promenade of the tourist town of Es Pujols a lot of stalls selling jewelry and accessories with the sea in the background. The Es Pujols flea market can boast of offering the best views of all the flea markets in Formentera: right on the promenade and in front of the beach.

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Starting the night in Es Pujols

The Es Pujols Market can be enjoyed by strolling through it before or after dinner, as a prelude to the night of Formentera. Until midnight you can find in this market souvenirs, jewelry and accessories so you do not leave the island without a detail for you or your friends.

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