Es Ram

Small cove in Formentera
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Quick information about this cove:

  • Length: 20m
  • Amplitude: 3m
  • Orientation: South
  • Type: Sand/Rock
  • Nudism: Frequent
  • Posidonia: Not removed
  • Occupancy: Very low

Services available:


Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:

There are none


📌 Costa de Migjorn, Formentera

Es Ram cove, in Formentera

Es Ram is a small cove used for a long time as a simple jetty. Currently it is a place still little frequented, so if you flee from the crowds may be the cove of Formentera you are looking for.

Description of Es Ram

Es Ram is a very small cove located at the easternmost end of the coast of Migjorn. In the place you can find several jetties to shelter boats similar to those found for example on the beach of Es Pujols or Cala Saona.

Es Ram is no more than 15 meters long and posidonia can accumulate very abundantly during the winter.

To go down to the small bay you will have to look for some small stairs carved into the rock. You can also sunbathe on the rocks, on the left side of the cove there is a fairly flat rocky area where you can also access the water easily.

How to get to Es Ram?

Es Ram is a cove of difficult access, where either you will have to walk, or the access by vehicle is complex. or both at the same time. The options you have to get to Es Ram are the following:

  1. From es Caló des Mort. If you are in Caló des Mort you can reach Es Ram walking eastwards for about 800 meters (about 15 minutes on foot). This is perhaps the best option, as you can take a stroll before a refreshing swim.
  2. From the Mola road. You can reach the vicinity of Es Ram by car or motorcycle, but the access is on the PM-820 road in the direction of La Mola. By car or motorcycle take the road towards La Mola and at kilometer point 13.4 turn right onto an unpaved road. From there follow the road to the end, paying attention to the numerous junctions and turns. If you are not sure put a pin on the map by clicking on our “How to get there” button and let the passenger guide you.

Perfect cove for nudism

Es Ram, being an unfrequented place, is one of the coves that we have chosen as a perfect cove for nudism.

There may be posidonia

Since it is a very isolated cove and practically impossible to access, Formentera’s beach cleaning services do not remove the posidonia accumulated during the winter. If you are lucky it may be that the winter storms have not washed posidonia ashore, but be aware that this may not be the case.

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