Platjeta des Carregador

Beach in the Illetas area
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Platjeta des Carregador beach, Formentera

Quick information about this beach:

  • Length: 40m
  • Amplitude: 8m
  • Orientation: West
  • Type: Sand and Rock
  • Nudism: Not Frequent
  • Posidonia: Not removed
  • Occupation: Low/None

Services available:

  • None

Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:

  • Restaurant Es Molí de Sal


📌 Illetas path S/N, 07871 La Savina, Formentera

Platjeta des Carregador

The platjeta des Carregador is a small bay in front of the restaurant es Molí de Sal.

Description of the platjeta des Carregador

Platjeta des Carregador is a small cove almost completely closed to the sea by a very shallow reef. It is located 200 meters north of the beach des cavall d’en borràs, below the famous restaurant Es Molí de Sal (old salt mill).

Origin of its name

It was given this name (the translation means the beach of the loader or the beach of the loading dock) because it was where the salt extracted from the salt mines was loaded in wagons, once crushed and refined in the aforementioned mill (now converted into a restaurant). From the mill, the salt was transported by this system of wagons on rails pulled by oxen to the port of La Savina to be taken out of Formentera.

Small beach always empty

The platjeta des Carregador is not usually frequented by anyone, since its access must be done by boat or by making a long detour on foot. It is also located very close to the access road where vehicles circulate between the natural park till the main paved road, with the resulting noise and dust.

The beach is also in view of the guests of the Es Molí de Sal restaurant, a few meters above it, and this gives the impression of offering little privacy. However, if you want to take a swim in it you will find a small bay of just a few tens of meters long, with calm and crystal clear waters and that will surely be empty.

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