Es Torrent des Arbocers

Small cove on the coast of migjorn
Torrent des Arbocers cove, Formentera

Quick info:

Quick information about this cove:

  • Length: 100m
  • Amplitude: 3m
  • Orientation: Southwest
  • Type: Sand/Rock
  • Nudism: Frequent
  • Posidonia: No retreat
  • Occupancy: Very low

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Beach bars and restaurants on this beach:

There are none


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Torrent des Arbocers Cove

Cala des Torrent des Arbocers is a small cove located between two of the smallest coves of Formentera, Caló des Mort and Es Ram.

Description of this cove of Formentera

Es Torrent des Arbocers is a small cove of about 100 meters wide that is always or almost always empty. It is the perfect place if you want to enjoy total solitude during your visit to Formentera. Its orientation is south/southwest, and access to the water is only possible through the rocks. Although it has some sandy areas, most of this cove is rocky.

To go down to the beach you will have to climb a little bit down the small cliff of no more than 3 meters high that gives access to the beach.

How to get to this cove?

The easiest way to reach this cove is through the neighboring cove of Es Caló des Mort. From there you will have to walk no more than 10 minutes eastward along the coast, about 500 meters or so, until you reach the Cala des Torrent des Arbocers.

Perfect place for nudism and snorkeling

This cove is one of our chosen as ideal places in Formentera to practice nudism, as it is one of the most remote and deserted places on the island. So if you are looking for total tranquility and to enjoy the environment of Formentera without clothes, this may be one of your choices to consider.

As for snorkeling, since all the beach surroundings are rock reefs, they are the perfect place to enjoy the marine and aquatic life of the island.

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