La Mola Lighthouse

Lighthouse in the Pilar de la Mola, Formentera
La Mola Lighthouse Formentera

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Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-2pm and 5pm-9pm


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Lighthouse of La Mola, Formentera

La Mola Lighthouse is a spectacular site and one of the most visited places in Formentera. It is located 120 meters above sea level, on the eastern cliffs of Formentera. The views of these cliffs are spectacular.

Undoubtedly, this lighthouse is one of the places to visit in Formentera. It is also the oldest lighthouse in Formentera. It has been so inspiring that the French writer Jules Verne mentioned it in one of his adventure and travel novels “The Lighthouse at the End of the World“.

Characteristics of La Mola Lighthouse

The technical characteristics of La Mola Lighthouse are as follows:

  • Nominal range: 23 nautical miles
  • Height above sea level: 142 meters
  • Height: 22 meters
  • Diameter: 4 meters
  • Light signal: 1 flash every 5 seconds
  • Date of construction: 1861

History of La Mola Lighthouse

La Mola Lighthouse was the first lighthouse inaugurated in Formentera, in 1861. The first remodeling came in 1928, when a 12-panel rotating optic from the Faro de Formentor (Mallorca) was installed. This optic is the one that is still in operation today.

Further maintenance work was carried out in 1970: the oil steam burner that had been in operation until then was replaced by a 3,000-watt electric lamp.

Finally, in 2019 the Faro de la Mola received the most recent of its renovations: the facade and the lower building were remodeled, the main courtyard was rehabilitated and a museum on the maritime heritage and history of Formentera was installed inside.

What to do in Faro de la Mola?

At the Mola Lighthouse you will experience what it is like to see the Mediterranean from the heights. Here you can perform activities such as:

    • Sitting and contemplating the Mediterranean is simply fabulous.
    • Enjoy the sunrise, the best place to see the sunrise.
    • Enjoy cultural activities in the museum and lighthouse courtyard, such as plays, concerts, and lectures, when available.
    • See the internal museum that has the lighthouse with significant information, both of the lighthouses and the maritime heritage of the island and history of Formentera.
    • Take pictures of both wildlife and natural landscapes.
    • Walk! The surroundings of the lighthouse are perfect for a stroll.
    • Enjoy the fauna: with luck you will find some “pitiusas lizard” symbol of the island, a protected species for its great uniqueness.
    • Go to the bar next to the lighthouse, the Codice Luna, where you can enjoy the view with a refreshment.

How to get to La Mola Lighthouse?

As it is located at the tip of the island, take the road that leads to the village of Pilar de la Mola, keep driving until you leave the village and continue for about 2.5 kilometers: at the end you will find it.

Faro de Mola can also be reached by following the green route nº29, which starts in the village of Pilar de La Mola.

You can arrive by car, motorcycle, public transportation, or you can even arrive by bicycle.

The sunrise from La Mola Lighthouse

La Mola Lighthouse is almost the best place in Formentera to enjoy the sunrise. Weather and clouds permitting, you will enjoy a spectacular sunrise from the cliffs more than 100 meters above sea level.

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