Cap de Barbaria II Megalithic Site

Archaeological site in Cap de Barbaria
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From April 20 to March 7: from 9h to 13h.


📌 Carretera del Cap de Barbaria S/N, 07860 Formentera

Prehistoric huts of Cap de Barbaria II

Cap de Barbaria II is the best preserved of the three known prehistoric hut sites on the island (and close to each other) that help to understand the history of the first human settlements on Formentera.

Cap de Barbaria II is part of the small group of sites that have been excavated on the island (a total of 3), although about twenty sites have been located only in the southern part of the island (Cap de Barbaria).

The archaeological site Cap de Barbaria II is located in the estate of sa Tanca de dins, on the island of Formentera, in the middle of a forest near the Cap de Barbaria road.

Peculiarities of the site of Cap de Barbaria II

Cap de Barbaria II is considered, taking into account the other sites of Formentera, as the most important and complete, with a total of nine complex habitational structures.

This site stands out for its structure of clear division of spaces, for being one of the densest, and for its central position, in reference to the others found in Formentera.

Nine different spaces can be clearly distinguished, circular, elliptical or horseshoe-shaped, which shows that the complex was used communally by a human group, separating spaces for work, for animals and for rest.

Unfortunately, the state of conservation of this site has been altered both by the actions of the natural elements and vegetation, as well as by human intervention, since this area was previously used as a quarry.

This has led to restoration work to consolidate and restore the structures of such an important site, trying to relocate the stones to their original position, and thus preserve the history that it represents.

How was life in prehistoric Formentera?

In this interview with Dr. Sureda Pau (one of the experts who have carried out excavations in Formentera), you can learn about what Formentera was like 3,000 years ago.

In general, the appearance of Formentera during the Bronze Age was not very different from what it looks like today. They made the most of what nature provided, in addition to developing an incipient agriculture and having animals that provided food and by-products to its inhabitants.

The archaeological studies that are still being periodically carried out in the site of Cap de Barbaria II, the most studied of Formentera, They seek to denote the way of life of those who inhabited these villages, and the interaction they maintained with their nearby communities in the Balearic Islands, the rest of the peninsula and North Africa.

What to do in the archaeological site Cap de Barbaria II?

The archaeological site Cap de Barbaria II is the best preserved example of prehistoric huts in Formentera and one of the best preserved in the Balearic Islands.

If you are interested in archaeology, you can visit this site:

  • Contemplate the floor plan of what were prehistoric huts of the first permanent communities of Formentera.
  • Visit the site with an expert, from March 20 to April 7, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
    • In the profile, above, you have the website set up by the researchers, where you can find out about the work that has been carried out at the site since 2012.
  • You can learn about how the ancient inhabitants of Formentera lived during the Bronze Age.

How to get to the archaeological site of Cap de Barbaria II?

The archaeological site of Cap de Barbaria II is accessible from the Sant Francesc road towards Cap de Barbaria.

Once you pass the Cala Saona crossroads, where the Es Cap supermarket is, you will have to drive for about 3.3 km. Look for a black and pink sign that says “Cap de Barbaria II” on your left. The site is located in the middle of the forest and you will have to walk a couple of minutes from the road.

Other archaeological sites in Formentera

Other archaeological sites in Formentera are:

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