Megalithic Site Cap de Barbaria I

Archaeological site in Cap de Barbaria
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Megalithic huts Cap de Barbaria I

The archaeological site Cap de Barbaria I is located on the island of Formentera, in the area of Cap de Barbaria. Locating it is very easy: it is right next to the parking lot where you will have to leave your vehicle to get to the Faro de Barbaria.

Prehistoric huts

In this area there are different sites that correspond to huts for people and animals from the Bronze Age. All the sites are properly documented and refer to the prehistoric era of the island (approximately 4,500 years ago), and help to understand the evolution of human settlements in Formentera.

This site, together with Cap de Barbaria II and Cap de Barbaria III are a very clear example of prehistoric circular and naviform (elliptical, semicircular) huts similar to but slightly different from those found on the islands of Mallorca and Menorca during the Talayotic period.

What to do in the archaeological site of Cap de Barbaria I?

The archaeological site of Cap de Barbaria I is located right next to the parking lot where you should leave your car or motorcycle if you want to go to the lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria.

Take the opportunity to:

How to get to the archaeological site of Cap de Barbaria I?

As we have said, the archaeological site Cap de Barbaria I is located right next to the parking lot to go to the Lighthouse of Barbaria and the Cova Foradada.

Journey to prehistory

For many years archaeologists thought that during prehistoric times the islands of Formentera and Ibiza were uninhabited until recent times. However, this fact has already been disproved by different researchers, whose evidence is found in the discovery of this site and some others in Formentera.

The truth is that the island has many sites from this period, and so far 21 have been identified, although only 3 have been excavated. Research indicates that it is in the cape of Barbaria where the largest population settlement of Formentera is evident.

Cap de Barbaria I lies outside the main groupings demarcated by archaeologists. It is the most southern of the island, it is the farthest, and its structure is quite simple, with a circular floor plan.

These settlements give indications that Formentera was inhabited by communities that were well rooted to the environment, with planning of their habitat and in very organized groups.

Other archaeological sites in Formentera

If you are interested in archaeology, other archaeological sites that you can find in Formentera are:

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