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Lighthouse in Cap de Barbaria
Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera

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The Faro de Barbaria is located about 80 meters above sea level, on the southern cliffs of the island of Formentera. It is the southernmost lighthouse of the Balearic Islands. It is one of the most visited places in Formentera.

The Lighthouse of Barbaria, Formentera

The Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse is one of the most emblematic sites of Formentera. The lighthouse is in perfect working order but visitors do not have access to the interior of the lighthouse (unlike the Faro de la Mola, which is open to visitors and has a museum inside).

Characteristics of the Barbaria Lighthouse

The technical characteristics of the Faro de Barbaria are as follows:

  • Nominal range: 18 nautical miles
  • Height above sea level: 78 meters
  • Height: 17 meters
  • Diameter: 3 meters
  • Light signal: 2 bursts every 15 seconds
  • Date of construction: 1971

History of the Barbaria Lighthouse

The Barbaria Lighthouse was inaugurated in 1971, has a height of more than 17 meters and approximately 3 meters in diameter. This lighthouse was built after being claimed by the navigation world for decades.In the area of La Mola, the Lighthouse of La Mola was in operation since 1862, but in this area of Formentera there was no luminous signal to warn of the presence of dry land.

It has always been an automated lighthouse, first by solar valve and acetylene gas mixers. Later, in 1995, a solar lighting system was installed inside the same optics, upgrading the rotation system to an electromagnetic one and changing the lighting to electromagnetic type.

Since it was put into operation, the maintenance of the Barbaria Lighthouse was in charge of the lighthouse keepers of the Mola Lighthouse, but when it became uninhabited, the maintenance was handed over to the technicians of Ibiza.

The Lighthouse of Barbaria (and Formentera in general) became especially famous after appearing in the film Sex and Lucia, by Julio Medem.

What to do in Faro de Barbaria?

The most striking thing about this area is the beauty of the landscape. It enjoys an arid and sparse vegetation, steppe-like, with only a few pine trees planted in 2012 by the Consell de Formentera, which in contrast to the sea is spectacular. It has enviable views to the south of the Mediterranean Sea for being the entire coastline area of cliffs about 80 meters high. It is really worth a visit.

Those who have visited the lighthouse of Barbaria are witnesses of having traveled to a place where everything around is enchanting.

There is no way to get bored here as you will be able to do activities such as:

  • Sit and contemplate the scenery and rest
  • Taking pictures of the lighthouse and the Mediterranean Sea
  • It is one of the most popular places to enjoy the sunset.
  • Enjoy the breeze and the characteristic smell of the sea.
  • Take walks in the area and enjoy the views of the cliffs.
  • Visit Des Garroveret Tower, one of the 4 towers used as defense and surveillance against pirate attacks.
  • Entering the Cova Foradada will lead you to a natural balcony over the Mediterranean Sea, which you will reach through the grotto.

How to get to Faro de Barbaria?

Since 2017 you can only access the Faro de Barbaria on foot. The Consell de Formentera limited access to the Faro de Barbaria to avoid traffic and preserve the natural environment of the estate. This means that after parking at the Cap de Barbaria parking lot, you can only reach the lighthouse on foot or by bicycle.

To reach the Lighthouse of Cap De Barbaria you have to follow the road PM-820-1 that leaves from Sant Francesc Xavier, pass the crossroads of Cala Saona to continue south following the asphalt road, which gets narrower and narrower, until you reach the parking lot.

Drive carefully until you reach the parking lot: the road is narrow and if you are driving a car you should slow down when you pass another vehicle.

Sunset at Faro de Barbaria lighthouse

The most splendid sunsets in the Mediterranean can be found in Formentera, and especially in the Faro de Barbaria.

Sunset on Cap de Barbaria, Formentera
Sunset at Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse, Formentera

On the clearest days of autumn and winter, different mountains can be distinguished on the horizon. That is the Iberian Peninsula (specifically the mountains of Denia) which are about 100 kilometers away.

If you want to know the places where you can see the sunset, see our page on where to see the sunset in Formentera.

Other lighthouses of Formentera

Other lighthouses of Formentera are:

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