La Mola Old Mill

Restored mill in La Mola
La Mola Old Windmill

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Summer only: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm


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The most famous mill of Formentera

In Formentera there are unique landscapes, beautiful beaches, magical villages and ancient buildings of historical interest: this is the case of the Molino de la Mola, an ancient building that reflects the traditions and customs of the ancient inhabitants of the island.

How to get to Molino de la Mola?

To go to the mill we must go to the village of El Pilar de La Mola. After arriving at the village we must continue until we reach the exit of the village and then turn right along the Camí de Can Ferrer. Continuing in this direction for approximately 100 meters we will arrive at the mill.

History of the Mola Mill

The construction of the Molí de la Mola dates back to 1778, being, together with the Molí de Ses Roques and Molí d’en Teuet (the first one already disappeared and readapted as a house, and the second one in disuse) one of the first mills that were ever built in Formentera.

However, the Molí Vell de la Mola has the peculiarity of being one of the last mills that was in operation in Formentera, grinding grain until the 60s of the twentieth century. It was always kept in good condition until it was acquired by the Consell de Formentera in 1993. Following this acquisition, restoration work was carried out to install the original machinery and turn it into the historic cultural space it is today.

Visit the Molino de la Mola

A very interesting feature for history lovers is the good state of preservation of the mill, keeping all the original machinery still inside. The materials with which it was built are very rudimentary, based on wood and natural materials, which gives it a very special charm.

Once inside the mill we can contemplate the architecture of the building, of truncated cone shape with 3 floors, which can be accessed through a curved staircase. Once upstairs we can see its gears and understand how it worked when it was active.

The Molino de la Mola is spectacular both inside and out, which makes it a very attractive visit, since it is such an old and well-preserved mill.

The Molino de la Mola has a visiting hours to which we must adapt: it can only be visited from 9:30 am to 13:30 pm during the summer months (except Sundays).

Near the Mola mill you will find…

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Other mills in Formentera

On the island of Formentera we can find five more mills apart from this one, which the inhabitants of the island used to grind grain for many decades, but the mill of La Mola is the only one open to the public and also the only one that is in its original state.

Another outstanding mill is the Molí d’en Jeroni.

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